Schools we get knowledge in

Schools  we  get  knowledge  in Маңғыстау облысы, Ақтау қаласы

№28 орта мектептің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

Нургабылова  Гулдари  Байганиновна

Theme:  Schools  we  get  knowledge  in

Form: 8

Aims: to  talk  about  education  and  modern  schools.

           To introduce pupils with the  new  words  and  how  to  use  the  words.

            To develop  the  abilities  to  speak  English,  creative  abilities of  pupils.                                         

To teach the  pupils  to  be  able  to discuss, to find expressions  in any situation.

To  develop  pupil’s memory,  logical  thought, vocabulary.

 Type :        Getting  new  information, pair  work,  group  work,         

traditional  lesson

Visual  aids:  a  textbook,  pictures,  interactive  board,  level  cards        

                    Procedure   of  the  lesson:

 Organization  moment:                 

                   T: Good  afternoon, boys and girls!

                   P:  Good  afternoon, dear  teacher!

                   T:  How  are  you,  today?    Are  you  ready  for  lesson?

                   P:  Yes, OK.

                   T:  Well, pupils, at  first,  let’s  check  the  class  atmosphere.

                         Who  is  on  duty  today?

                          Is  anybody  absent  today?

                         What  is  the  date  today?

                         What  is  the   day  today?

                         What   season   is  it   now?

                         Do  you  like  winter?

                         What  month  is  it  now?

                         What  is  the  weather  like  today?

 Checking up the  home task: 

Well, pupils let’s begin our lesson. Open your textbooks  and  copybooks. What was  your home task for today? What  have  you  done  at home? Let’s check up your home task. Your home task  was to review grammar  rules of using modal  verb” should” and real  conditional sentences.  And Ex.2 p.102  For each situation, write a sentence with  should/ shouldn’t and the  phrases in  the box.

When we use  the modal verb should?

Give me some examples using  should. Give  advice to  your friend, he has headache.

Give some  examples  for  real  conditional  sentences.

New  theme:             Schools   we  get  knowledge  in 

  Let’s  start  our  new  lesson. Today we will  speak  about  education and  the  role  of  knowledge in our life. Every one  in  our  country has  the  right  for  education. It  is  said in  our  constitution. But  it  is  not  only  a  right, it  is  a duty, too. Every  girl  and  every  boy  in  our  country must  go  to  school  to  get  education.  There  are  thousands  of  schools  in  our  country where  pupils get  knowledge  in  different subject. Nowadays schools  have  become different. What are  modern  schools?

Let’s  study  the  types  of  modern  schools. Let’s  study  about  education. It’s  our  new  theme “Schools  we  get  knowledge in”.

Write down  the  today’s  date  and  theme.   At  first, let’s learn  the  new words.

There are  new  words  for  you  to learn. I’ll  read  and  you’ll  repeat  after  me.

                  education —білім

                 knowledge — білім

                 timetable – сабақ кестесі

                 uniform – мектеп  формасы

                 mark — баға

                ordinary school – жәй, қарапайым  мектеп

                 primary  school – бастауыш  мектеп

                secondary  school – орта  мектеп

                comprise – құрайды

                curriculum – оқу    бағдарламасы

                 compulsory –міндетті

                 last – созылу, жалғасу

Now, boys  and girls look at the interactive board.


      The  more  we  learn – the  more we  know

     The  more  we  know – the more  we forget

        The more we forget – the less we know.

                So why  study?

So, “Why do you study? Why do you go to school?”, “Is education important?” 

Pupils: I go to school, because we must get education school;

                             because secondary education is compulsory;

                            because it is interesting to study;

                            because I like to take part in social life;

                             because knowledge is power;

                             because I want to get an interesting profession;

                            because I want to enter a University;

                           because I want to succeed in life. 

                            Why  do  you  study?

Where  do you study?

How many  floors  has  your   school  got?


                    Which  floor  is  your  classroom  located on?

What  subjects do  you study  at  your   school?

What  subjects  you  like  best

Speak  on  the  proverbs


  Now let’s remember proverbs about learning. Give  the  kazakh equivalents.  Repeat it after me, please.


How do  you  understand  it?  The  more  a  man  knows, the  more opportunities he has.  Knowledge  gives  a man  great  power. Everybody must try to  increase  his  knowledge.        Knowledge  is power, isn’t  it?


                                     Live and learn.  

                                   Knowledge is  power. 

                                 A little learning is a  dangerous . 

Now, let’s  read  the  poem. 

            Today is yours 

Don’t wait till tomorrow 

to reach out and grow, 

To learn something interesting 

you didn’t know.

Don’t wait till tomorrow 

to find ways to share,

To make a new friend,

really show that you care.

Don’t wait till tomorrow

to follow your heart,

To savor the beauty

that life can impart.

Don’t wait till tomorrow

to let yourself start…

Take time to do it today!



What is the idea of the poem? (You shouldn’t waste time, should you?  You should find ways to grow, to improve your knowledge.   What is your main task now?    It the most important time for you, isn’t it?


Now I suppose it’ll be interesting to see the  slide show  about  British school.  Do you  want  to  know  about  their  school  life.  Let’s   look  at  the  board.  ( to   show  slide  )


Let’s  do  the   exercises:



Task 1.

Match  the  words  with  it’s  translation.


Primary  school ————— орта  мектеп


Curriculum ———————міндетті


Secondary  school————- бастауыш  мектеп


Uniform—————————оқу  бағдарламасы


Timetable————————мектеп формасы


Сompulsary———————сабақ кестесі


Mark——————————жәй, қарапайым





Task 2.

Translate  the  sentences using  real  conditional.


1.Егер мен  мектептен   жақсы  білім  алсам,  мен  университетте    оқитын  боламын.

  1. Ауа-райы жақсы болса, балалар  көшеде  ойнайды.


  1. Егер біз ағылшын тілін  үйренсек,  біз шет  елдерге  барамыз.


  1. Егер барлық оқушылар  мектеп  формасын  кисе, олар  әдемі  болады.











Task 3.   What  school  subjects  you  are ….. .



                 I am  good  at —————- .

I  am  bad  at —————— .

I am interested  in ———— .

I ‘m  bored  with ————- .

I’m  keen  on —————- .

Home task: Ex6 p.106 and  to write  a  composition “My school”.

Conclusion:  Our  lesson is over. Everybody  was  very  active  today, everybody tried to share  his  opinion  today. So,  I think  I  should  give only  good and  excellent  marks  today.


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