Means of Connection

 Plan  of the open lesson


The Theme:Means of Connection

The Aims:1.To enrich  vocabulary in reading, speaking; to be able to ask some questions in Past Simple.

                  2.To form respectable connections between students  to express  their opinions; to bring up  to respect  their works,creations            

        delelop  abilities to get using the modern inventions nowadays and to be well-educated about  them.

Type of the lesson:New lesson

Methods:Speaking,writing, work in pairs,group work,Test

Resources used:Activ-board,slides,G/table, pictures,posters,videos,papers.


Procedure of the lesson:

1.Greetings: Good atternoon,dear  boys and girls! I’m glad  to  see you?

How are  you  today?

Ok. Good! Is anybody absent today?.

Mmm. All  right,let’s get down to work .

Today we’ll have  a lesson about means of connection.We’ve formed  three  groups.You’ll  have to do several tasks  and for every right answer you’ll get  a point.The team with the most number of points is the winner.

Don’t forget  it ok?!

And now let’s look at the board!What does the today’s lesson mean?

Connection  noun  [kэ’ nek∫э n]- the fact or state of having something in common< the endless debate about the connection between crime and poverty >

Synonyms: Association,relation,relationship

-smth that joins or connects two or more things

-the act of connecting two or more things or the state of being connected

Origin of connection

Latin connexion-,connexio  from conectere

First known use: 14th century

I want you to open your copy books and to write the theme and its meaning

  1. Have you written all?
  2. J As your home work ,there are given some creative works about modern technologies ,such as slides of them.

1st group ( green  colour   )

1.Kymbat-Mobile phones

Questions: OK .How often do you use your mobile phones? Can you name advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?

2.Alikhan-a computer

Questions: Do computers help students in their studies? What can you say about it?

3.Madina- TV

Questions: Do you imagine your life without TV? How do you think technology will change our lives?

4.Bakdaulet-MP3 Player

Questions: We know, that all young people use it. What kind of user are you?


Questions: We know, that in the last 30 years, the Internet has grown dramatically. What difficulties have

you met by using the internet? And which site is the best for you?

6.Amina- a telephone

Questions: What differences are there between mobile phones?Which of them is the best for you and why?

7.Aigerim- a radio

Questions: How is it used in Kazakhstan? How  is it in your parent’s  opinions?

8.Kamila-a radio telephone

Questions: What do you think of radio telephone? How good user are you?

2nd group( red colour)

Bota,Kuralai,Didar,Zhaksylyk,Zhantore-Project ” How modern inventions have changed people’s lives  ”

3rd group( yellow   colour )

Symbat,  Aya, Amina, Ernar, Omirtay, Dimash -Project “Why do you need Science?”

Every student analyses the idea of the Project, they express their opinions.And the leader of the group evaluates them with the points.

J And now, take turn to a video about”Amazing Future Inventions 2012-13,please! ”

-Can you make them yourselves in the future? Would you like to do them?

-Yes, of course.Everybody want to have them at homes or flats,where they live.They are so convenient,useful and beautiful,modern today.

-They are also modern inventors as Mr.Bell,John Baird and so on.As for me,I’d like to have them at my house.

-I’d like too.It’s one of the modern technologies,you see.

-Ok.You are right!Thanks a lot!

.J Take turns doing the next  task.

Your task now is to guess the things which we use in our everyday life.The team which is the first to name the thing ,gets a point.

1.You wash clothes in it.———————————

2.You use this thing to clean your flat,carpets.———————————————-

3.You can wash dirty dishes in it.———————————————-

4.You can communicate with people who are away from you using this thing.It is very compact.You can carry it in your bag or pocket.It has many functions,it can wake you up in the morning, you can enjoy listening to music with the help of it and even enjoy playing games.—————————–

5.You can cook,defrost and reheat pre prepared food in it.

6.You use it in studying of necessary informations.————————————

7.You’ll travel by them all over the world.——————————————-

8.If you watch it more time,you’ll have an eyesight.———————————-

9.There are more of them to make rush hours for us in Almaty.————————–

KEYS:1Washing-machine,2Vacuum cleaner,3Dishwasher,4M-phone,5Microwave oven,6Internet,7plane,8TV,9Car.

J Pay more attention to the conversations now and you should decide which of these thins the speakers are talking about:

Vacuum cleaner, home compuer,answer phone,CD player,dishwasher,fax machine,video recorder,washing-machine


A:Okay,so you need to press that button….

B:What,that one?

A:Yeah,the one that says”announcement “on it…and you need  to actually hold it down…hold  the button down…


A: and then in a second a light flashes, a red light…and  that means it’s ready to record….and you just your announcement:”I’m sorry I can’t  take your call…whatever ”

B:Ok,sounds easy…let’s have a go then…


A: …and it just went “phutt”…stopped…

B:Hmm….let me see…did you plug  it  properly?


B:Is it plugged in at the wall?

A:Well,of course,it is!I’m not that stupied!

B:I’ll just check. Sometimes you can unplug it by mistake…when you’re moving around…hmm,looks okay…try again…switch it on…hmm,nothing.

A:That’s what I told you!

B:Well,you’ll just have to use a brush then.We can’t leave the carpet as it is…


A: Right,have you got the thing,you want to send?You put the document in there,like that…and then you pick up the handset,and you dial the number.Then you wait for the tone…and when the tone sounds,it’s like a continuous beep…and when you hear that,it means you can send it off,so you press  the start button and just goes through.Ok?


A:So,it’s perfectly simple,you just follow what it says here.

B:Well,you tell me what it  says,and I’ll do it.

A:Right,so “Set  TV to video channel”-right we’ve done that.

B: Right .

A:Load a tape.So put a tape in again…ok…right…and now you put just…

B:  But look-it’s happened again!The  tape gets stuck!

A:Hmm…well,see if you can get the tape out by pressing the”eject”button…that’s it…

B:  No,it’s not working,it’s still stuck…

KEYS:1answer phone,2vacuum cleaner,3fax machine,4video recorder.

J Look at these letters of one word:1.    N,I,E,L,T,I,O,S,V,E.



If you put them in the correct order you’ll get the word which means the most powerful and poular type of mass media,which is also one of the most wonderful inventions of the 20th century.What is it?

J Now,I’d like you to read the texts and ask questions with:When,Who,Where,What,How or Did he….

J Test yourself

1.Henry  Ford a.jet engine for airplanes and rockets
2. Alexander   Bell b.television
3.the Wright     Brothers


c.the first airplane
4.Michael Faraday d.chewing gum
5.Thomas Edison e.a car
6.Thomas Adams f.telephone
7.ValdemarPousen g.a machine which could make electricity
8.Sergei Koroliov h.tape recorder
9.John Logie Biard i.”phonograph”-the first sound recorder,the light bulb,”kinescope”-a machine which could make films
10.Isaac Newton j.the law of gravitation
11.Alexander Graham Bell was born in k.19th,20th century
12.The telephone was invented in the l.Scotland  or England
13″. I went to bed,the night before,an unknkown man,and awoke to find myself famous”  


14.Benjamin Franklin wrote in his memoirs  [‘ memwa:z ]
15.Charles Babbage Photocol for the internet
16.Leonardo Da Vinci Telescope,compass
17.Galileo Models,that proved workable 3-500years later
18.Tim Berners Lee Mechanical computer

J Let’s watch the next video,please.Dumb Inventions.Enjoi it!

J Evaluation:The leader of the groups puts  students their points and count them.

Which group is the winner?Fill in the notice papers.

H-work:To write an Essay” My life without technology”

You are  well done today.Thanks for your attention!I’m very satisfied with you!

Have you got any questions for me?Ok. The lesson is over. See you soon then!

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