Professions we choose

Date 14.12.2017
Teachers name: Otarbaeva Nurbibi Nurgazievna
School: №235 named after by K.Karakozov Grade:     8 “A”
Theme of the lesson:         Professions we choose
Aims of the lesson: Educational – to remember some words about professions, to give information about professions;
Developing – to develop thinking, understanding, memory, oral speech, reading, writing, listening skills;
Bringing up – to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other; to help students to choose their professions for the future.


Visual aids: Handouts, dollars, ICT (interactive board, speaker, mobile phones)
                                                         Stages of the lesson

Stages of the lesson

Stages Teacher’s activity Pupil’s activity

Organization moment


4 min






Checkig-up the homework



4 min





New material

4 min










2 min













6 min

































2 min

2 min



– Good morning,dear boys and girls. I’m very glad to see you.

– How are you?

-What’s the weather like today?

-So, before the lesson let’s introduce and describe yourself with the first letter of your names.

-OK. Thank you.



What was your homework?

Well,  you know the game “Tic Tac Toe”. Let’s play it. And for winners I will pay a dollar, Ok?


-At the last lesson we  talked about education system. And we answered to the question “Why are we studying?”. So, Why are we studying?

– Ok. To be a good specialist we must study and  right choose our profession.

-I would  like to show you a video.Please watch and listen to attentively. Video: “Dream job”.

– What about this video? Did you understand?

-Right, guys. So, our today’s theme is “Professions we choose”.

-What professions do you know?

-Ok. What about other professions? Now, look at the blackboard. There are some  new words of the lesson. So, repeat after me, and write down.


Successful – |səkˈsɛsfʊl| – табысты

Occupation – |ɒkjʊˈpeɪʃ(ə)n|- кәсіп

Well-paid jobs-welˈpeɪd|– жоғарғы ақылы жұмыстар

Low-paid jobs -|ˈləʊˈpeɪd| – төмен ақылы жұмыстар

Nurse – |nəːs| – медбике

Barber – |ˈbɑːbə|– шаштараз

Policeman – |pəˈliːsmən|– полиция қызметкері

Fireman – |ˈfʌɪəmən| – өрт сөндіруші

Ecologist – |ɪˈkɒlədʒɪst|- эколог 

Journalist -|ˈdʒəːn(ə)lɪst| – журналист


Group work.1.  So, open your books. Look at the text. To the 1st group text about  Ecologists and for the  2nd  group about journalists. I give you posters and 2 minutes for reading and retelling this text.

Group work.2.  Now, there are tasks for you.  Please, complete these sentences in group. I give you only 3 minutes. 1st group:

—  A profession of photographer is very….

—  My sister says that teaching is a … profession.

—  We have always thought that any job in the hospital is ….

—  Careers of computer programmer are very … nowadays.

—  My cousin wants to be an ….

2nd group:

—  Will you write your… on this form?

—  A … is a person who works in the library and helps people to choose books and magazines to read.

—  I am sure that the profession of a … is rather dangerous.

—  His … as a driver came to an end after a bad road accident.

—  I am going to be a … because I like animals and bird


Pair work: Now, please work in pairs. There are  different tasks for you. I give you 2 minutes

1.      Well-paid jobs

2.      Low-paid jobs

3.      Collect words from letters.

4.      Indoor professions

5.      Outdoor  professions

6.      Write adjectives

Are you bored? Are you tired? Let’s sing karaoke: “People work”


Now let’s listen a audio and guess the name of professions.


–          Good morning, teacher!

–          We are fine, thank you.

–          Today is warm,sunny..



–          I’m a nice Nurbek..



–          Learn by heart the vocabulary

Pupils play the game “tic tac toe” using the vocabulary


–          To be a good specialist, to get knowledge…




–          About different  jobs..



–          Teacher, dancer, singer..





Pupils repeat after teacher and write down the words.







Pupils read the text and then retell.








Pupils work in group.

















Pupils work in pair








Pupils sing a song together


Pupils guess the names of profession


5 min







Now, take your mobile phones. You know the game “Kahoot!” yes? Let’s join. Type the game’s pin. I have some sweets for winner!

Giving hometask:

Write essay “My future profession”

Take the stickers and show me your mood from the lesson

You were very active today. Good bye!


Pupils play “Kahoot”




Pupils choose their  mood

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