Destroying the environment

Семей қаласы, Бұлақ ауылы
«Бұлақ жалпы орта білім беретін мектебі» КММ
Есекеева Жаныл Серикхазиновна

The theme:  Destroying the environment.

The aim of the lesson: Қоршаған  орта тақырыбына оқушылардың сөздік қорын молайта отырып түсінін оқу,  сұхбаттасу арқылы ауызша сөйлесу дағдысы қалыптасады,  ойлау , есте сақтау және шығармашылық қабілеттері  дамиды , пәнге  қызығушылығы  артады.

Ұжымдық жұмыс арқылы бір – бірін сыйлау, пікір алмасу , өзгенің пікірімен санасуға үйренеді, қоршағаң ортаны қорғауға және жауапкершілікке тәрбиеленеді

The visual: Тақырыптық суреттер, сөздіктер, проектор.

The method: Оқу, сұхбат, топтастыру, топтық жұмыс.кесте

The type:  Аралас сабақ.

  1. Organization moment.
  2. a) Greeting. Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

Who is absent today at the lesson…?

II Warm up

Winter is white

Summer is bright

Spring is green

Autumn is  yellow

(  Dividing groups    Children will be  called to the blackboard  in seasons of their birthdays.     reciting rhymes in circle  all children   )  Жыл мезгіліне  қиылған сурет бойынша  топтарын табу

–        What season is now ?  What season will be after  winter ?

Teams :   Winter       Spring

-What about are you going to speak at the lesson?

We are going to speak about destroying the environment

–        Children , what is environment ?

–        Environment is all living , non- living things around us

      III. Association.  To the word “ environment”

–        What does mean the word environment? What words can you name?







       III    Completing a diagram    a Poster

–        Children,  what is environment?

Environment  is all living and non –living thing around us

–        What include to  the  living   thing   ?

–        What include  to the non – living thing ?

Each team must prepare a poster with given pictures on the given theme


IV   Work on the text    “Destroying the environment”

–  We are going to speak how the nature is destroyed  by the people.


  1. a) Vocabulary work, What is happening?    ( On monitor )

Burn / trees/                                     Man/ dump/ rubbish

Cut/ forest                             Factories/ pollute/ air

Oil/ kill/ birds

How do people  help to the nature?

Plant trees/ flowers/     Clean street \ feed animals

  1. b) Working on  the text in group

–          How people destroy the environment ? ( find sentences and copy from the text )

Some people destroy the environment .  They cut  large trees , kill birds and animals….

VI    Physical   exercise

Are you tired , children ?

Let’s do physical exercise   Hands up , hands up ..

VII Speaking

Each groups   give Questions each other

The 1st group

Questions   P1     P2    P3

1       Do you pollute water ?

2       Do you burn  trees and forests ?

3       Do you make a house for birds ?

4       Do you take the rubbish in the street?

5       Do you walk a lot ?

6       What do you plant every spring ?

7         Do you feed animals?

The 2nd group

Questions   P1     P2    P3

1       Do people destroy the environment ?

2       Do people cut  forests ?

3       Do people  catch fish in the river?

4       Why  people take the caviar and throw the fish away?

5       Do people  hunt animals ?

6       Do factories pollute the air?

7          How do  people help the nature?

Why they are cutting the forest?

Why they are dumping the rubbish?

Why they are killing red herring?

VIII   Reflection.

Nature needs our help  Let us help the nature

People write in the stick   how they help to nature.

They give advice who destroys the environment

I plant trees and flowers

I don’t cut forest…     Don’t  kill birds

 IX Giving home task.

Retelling the  text.   EX. 10

  1. Marking

You have worked active at the lesson.

The lesson is over  Good bye children!



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