Extra-curricular work “Happy Mother’s day”

Happy Mother’s day”Ақтөбе облысы, Шалқар қаласы,

№2 мектеп-гимназияның

ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

Кеулімжаева Базаркүл Елеуқызы 

Extra-curricular work “Happy Mother’s day”


– to develop pupils’ speaking abilities, habits of reciting poems and singing songs. 

– to increase their oral speech and show their deep knowledge of English.

– to bring them up to respect and love all mother-women on the land.

Intersubjective link: Russian, Kazakh, Music.


The course of the extra-curricular work:

  1. Good afternoon, dear guests and teachers! We are glad to see you at our matinee “Happy Mother’s Day” which is held with pupils of the 3-rd form.

Teacher: Pupils, when do we celebrate this important holiday?

Pupils: In spring.

Teacher: Who knows any poems about this wonderful season of the year? You may recite in 3 languages.

P1 (Meruert):  Spring, spring, spring!

The trees are green,

Blue skies are seen.

Grey winter, go away!

The world looks new and gay.

P2 (Zhandaulet): Весна тихонько постучалась,

Сначала робко, а затем

Грозой сильнейшей разыгралась,

Смывая след зимы совсем.

P3 (Dauren): Көктем – ол қуаныштың ізгі лебі

Қызғалдақ қыздарға арнап үзіледі.

Аспанда жақсылықтың атын жазып,

Тырналар қатар-қатар тізіледі.

P3 (Asylzhan):  I love you spring for every day

There’s something new that’s come to stay.

Another bud

Another bird

Another blade

The sun has stirred.

P4 (Temirlan):  Mother’s day, a happy day

We are nice and very gay

We all together dance and sing

Welcome, welcome, Mother’s Day!

Teacher: Very nice. Spring, of course, is the time of year when we celebrate Mother’s Day. Now, let’s listen to Aidana.

P1: I love my dear, Mummy!

I love her very much!

And do you love your Mummy?

Children (in chorus): Of course, we love her too!

Teacher : Now, listen to the scene “My Mother”.

P1: Who fed me when I was a child?

Children (in chorus): My Mother!

P2: Who comforted me in her arms so mild?

Children (in chorus): My Mother!

P3: Who sat and watched my childish head,

When I slept in my little bed?

Children (in chorus): My Mother!

P4: When sickness made me cry in pain,

Who rushed me till I was well again?

Children (in chorus): My Mother!

P5: Who rushed to help me when I fell

And always had new stories to tell?

Children (in chorus): My Mother!

Teacher: Yes, you are right. Mothers do everything for us, for our happy future. And what can we do for our mothers?

Let’s listen to the song “What can we do for you, Mum?” which is sung on the melody of  Russian childish song В траве сидел кузнечик”.

What can we do for you, Mum?(Children in chorus)

What can we do for you, Mum?

What can we do for you, Mum?

What can we do for you?

                        What can we do?

                        What can we do?

                        What can we do for you?

                        What can we do?

                        What can we do?

                        What can we do for you?

What would you like to do, kids?(Mother)

What would you like to do, kids?

What would you like to do, kids?

What would you like to do?

What would you like?

What would you like?

What would you like to do?

                         P-1: I’d like to clean the carpets.

                         P-2: I’d like to wash the dishes.

                         P-3: I’d like to dust the sideboard.

                         P-4: I’d like to sweep the floor.

Mother:   How nice of you!

                How nice of you!

                You’ve got so many talents.

                How nice of you!

                How nice of you!

                I’ll bake a cake for you.

Teacher: Thank you. Let’s recite poems devoted to our women- mothers.

P-1: My mother is busy

From morning till night

Keeping her family

Happy and bright!

P-2: Help your mother to lay the table

With a knife and fork and spoon

Help your mother to lay the table

Every day and noon.

Teacher: Very nice of you! Let’s express our love to mothers through the song “My dear, dear Mummy” in    English, Russian and Kazakh.

My dear, dear Mummy!

I love you very much.

I want you to be happy

Today and every day!

Be happy, be healthy

Today and every day.(2 times)

Моя родная мамочка

Я так тебя люблю

И в этот день прекрасный

Тебя благодарю

За счастье, за ласку

Спасибо говорю.(2 раза)

Сүйікті менің анашым

Жақсы көрем сені

Аман – есен жүре берші

Қымбатты анашым.

Бізге берген бақыт үшін

Мың алғыс айтамын!(2рет)

P-1: Make a basket

For your mother

And fill it

With flowers gay

Then put in a card to say

Happy  Mother’s Day!(in chorus)

Teacher: Thank you to all of you! I’m satisfied with your reciting poems and singing songs in 3 languages. Be proud of your mothers , respect and love them forever. Bye! See you next time! Happy Mother’s Day!


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