Gardening in England

England3  Маңғыстау  облысы,  Ақтау  қаласы

№28 орта  мектептің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

Нургабылова  Гулдари  Байганиновна

Theme:     “Gardening   in  England”

 Aim:           1) to  revise  and  practice  using  the  Past Continuous  Tense.

2) to  develop  pupil’s  habits  of  speaking,   reading,  answering.

3) to  teach  to  understand  and  love  nature.

Type :        Getting  new  information, pair  work,  group  work,  traditional  lesson

Visual  aids:  a  textbook,  pictures,  interactive  board,  level  cards

Procedure   of  the  lesson:

 Organization  moment:

T: Good  afternoon, dear  pupils!

P:  Good  afternoon, dear  teacher!

T:  How  are  you,  today?    Are  you  ready  for  lesson?

P:  Yes, OK.

T:  Well, pupils, at  first,  let’s  check  the  class  atmosphere.

Who  is  on  duty  today?

Is  anybody  absent  today?

What  is  the  date  today?

What  day is it  today?

What   season   is  it   now?

Do  you  like  winter?

What  month  is  it  now?

What  is  the  weather  like  today?

 Phonetic  drill:  Let’s  start  our  lesson   with  the  phonetic  drill.  Look  at  the  board,  I’ll  read  and  you  will  repeat  after  me  all   together.

He   loves   the   ocean.

He   loves   the   sky.

She  loves   to  travel

She  loves   to  fly.

He  likes  the  country,

He  loves  the  clouds.

She  likes  the  city,

She  loves  the  crowds.


Checking  up  the   home-task:

Let’s  check  up  your  home-task.  What  was  your  home-task  for  today?

Your  h/t  for  today  was  Ex.5, p.100    to  make  up  sentences  for  P.C.  using  the  times  at  your  book.  And  I’ll  give   you  some  questions   about   last  lesson.  What   about  we   talked   at  the  last  lesson? ( P.Continuous, can,  vote, teenager, drive )



  1. At what  age  do  people  vote  in  Kazakhstan?
  2. When do  children  finish  school?
  3. At what  age  can a teenager  drive  in  Kazakhstan?
    • pupils read  their  own  sentences, say  new  words)

Let’s   revise  grammar   rule  of  the  Past  Continuous,  some  examples.


Presentation  of  the  new  material:     


Well,  pupils,  today’s   our  new   theme  is    “Gardening  in  England”.

And   during   our   lesson  we’ll   read   texts  and  dialogues, learn  new  words    about   gardening   and  doing  exercises.  And  today’s  grammar  rule  is

“going  to”.



Be   going   to +V

“Going  to”  құрылымы   болашаққа  жоспарланган   іс-әрекет  туралы   айтқанда   қолданылады.

For   example:        I  am  going   to   clean   my   room   tomorrow.

You   are   going   to  visit  the  museum.

He  is  going   to  play    tennis   with   friends.


Is  he   going   to  stay   at  home?

No,  he   is  not  going  to  stay  at  home.


   Vocabulary:         garden –бақша

gardener – багбан

gardening- багбаншылық

plant – агаш  отыргызу

water – су   құю

whitewash –ақтау

prune – кесу ,  бұтау

tree — агаш

Doing   exercises:

Ex. 2   p.104        Discuss  the  following  questions  in  groups.

  1. Do you  have  a  garden?
  2. Do you  like  flowers?
  3. Do you  enjoy  growing  the  flowers?
  4. Do you  like  working  in  the  garden?
  5. What do  people  usually  do  in  the  garden?


Ex.5   p.105            Read  the  dialogue,  find  the  new  words  and  pay  attention

to  their  meanings.     (4 pupils)


Ex.6   p.105              True    or  False ?

  1. a) T                     b) T          c) T            d)  F
  2. e) F               f) T        g)  T



Ex.7                Write  about   what  Omar’s   family  was  doing  on  Sunday.

(look  at  the  picture   at  ex.3)


Ex.11   p.106            Read   the   text   and   translate.


Level  tasks:

  1.    Put  the  words  in  the  correct  order.
  2. were / yesterday / what /doing /  you / at / 3 / o’clock
  3. was / flowers / I / watering
  4. enjoy / I / in / working / the / garden
  5. mother / was / my / flowers / watering / the


  1. Translate the  sentences.
  1. Әселдің  бақшасы  бар.
  2. Әсел  бақшада  жұмыс жасаганды  ұнатады.
  3. Бақшада  гүлдер бар.
  4. Мен  бақшада  агаш  отыргызамын.


  1. Choose  the  right  form.
  2. a) Mike met / was meeting  Omar  at  3 o’clock  in  the  afternoon  on Monday.
  3. b) Omar’s father planted / was planting  trees  at  that
  4. c) Omar was / were pruning  dead
  5. d) Asel and Omar  was / were  working  in  the


Hometask: Ex. 12, 14  p.107  and  write  a composition”Gardening in  my town”


Conclusion:  Our  today’s  lesson  is over. You all worked very well, thanks a lot. I’ll  give  your marks.  Good  bye, pupils  and  guests!


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