Geographical maps and general information about cartography

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№22 С. Торайғыров атындағы

гимназия-мектебінің география пәні мұғалімі

Сапарғалиев Жангелді

Сынып: 6

6 th form

Пән: География

Subject: Geography

 Theme of the lesson:   Geographical maps and general information about cartography

 Form of organizationtraditional class work       


Demanded level:           To give knowledge on geographical maps, their types and importance,  cartography and its sections.

 development:               To develop the ability of working with maps, drawings.

  educational party:     To educate to work in team, to treat with responsibility to educational materials and to cultivate humanity.

 Methods:            stating, question-answer, work with textbook

 Presentation:      interactive board, slide-show, atlas, political map of the world.

Plan of the lesson:     Organizational moment                     

  Checking home task

 Explaining the new theme      

fixing knowledge, conclusion                 

Giving home task            


 lesson current :

  І. Let’s answer the questions on the last lesson

  • What is the average thickness of the earth crust? The average thickness of the earth crust is  under the ocean from 5 to 10 kilometers, On the continent from 35 to 40 kilometers ,  In the mountain areas to 70 kilometers.
  • What depth is Mohorovichich plast?  (2900 км).( Two thousand nine hundred kilometers)
  • What thickness is an astonosfer? (It’s thickness is 200-300 kilometers of the top cloak)
  • How rocks are classified? (magma, met morphs and sediments)
  • What kind of rocks is taking the most part of the earth crust? (magma)

 Explaining the new theme

The theme of today’s lesson is

 Geographical maps and general information about cartography

 The geographical maps are the view of the earth surface form which are defined by the mathematical ways, diminished and collected

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