hand drawn effect type spelling English and various language related concepts

hat colour is your cat?

Theme: What colour is your cat?


  • Educational: to give some information about new grammar structure, to introduce with new colours, and to talk about pupil’s favourite colour, to enrich pupil’s knowledge and vocabulary;
  • Developing: to develop pupil’s understanding, thinking, reading, writing habits, listening skills.
  • Up-bringing: to bring up love and interest to the subject.

Accessories: cards, schemes, grammar rules

Methods of teaching: explanation

Type: presentation

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. A short talk with a pupil on duty
  4. Checking up
  • Presentation of the new material
  1. Warm-up

I love colours, yes I do,

Red and orange, green and blue.

I love colours dark or bright,

Yellow, purple, black and white.

  1. New words.

Colour  |ˈkʌlə|түс                            orange|ˈɔːrɪndʒ|cарғыш

Black|blæk| қара                              pink |pɪŋk|қызғылт

Blue  |bluː|көк                                  green |ɡriːn|жасыл

Red|red|қызыл                                 grey|ɡreɪ|сұр

Brown|braʊn|қоңыр                        violet|ˈvaɪələt| күлгін

white|waɪt| ақ                                  beige  |beɪʒ| сарғыш

yellow|ˈjɛləʊ|                            blond|ˈblɑːnd| ашық

  1. Grammar: ‘Have got /have’

‘Have got  және have’ құрылымдарының айырмашылығы жоқ, Have got  ауызекі  сөйлеу тілінде  жиі қолданылады.

Мысалы:   I have a house in Astana.

I have got  a house in Astana.

Do you have a camera?

Have you got a camera?

  1. Listening and speaking. Dialogue.
  • Have you got pets?
  • Yes, you got dog and cat. Have you?
  • No, we haven’t. what colour is your cat?
  • It’s black and white.

My favourite colour.

All people have a favourite colour, including me, my favourite colour is pink. I like this colour because for methis colour is interested and very beautiful.

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • -Why?




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