Schools  in our country



Канарова  Бакыт  Рахимовна

ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі:

Маңғыстау облысы

Жаңаөзен қаласы

№ 15 орта мектеп

 Сабақтың тақырыбы:  « Schools  in our country»


Пәні: ағылшын тілі   8 «а» сынып
Сабақтың тақырыбы:        « Schools  in our country»

Жалпы мақсаты: to compare educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme to practice the usage of numbers and prepositions.

to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;

to develop students’ interest in research works.

to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan.


Сілтеме: Т.Д.Кузнецова  English,  8 сынып оқулық,  Мектеп баспасы.



Оқыту нәтижесі: They  can  answer the questions. They are remember the  words of   new theme. Рupils  learn to work in groups and say their own opinions, free thinking,  to say their own opinions and to respect other opinions.


Түйінді идеялар:  Оқушылар сөздік қорын байыта отырып, ауызекі сөйлеу қабілетін дамытады.  Сұрақтарға   жауап беруді үйренеді және топта жұмыс жасауға дағдыланады.

7 модуль

  1. Қалай оқу керектігін үйрену
  2. Сын тұрғысынан ойлау

3. Диалогтік оқыту

4. Дарынды және талантты балаларды оқыту

5. Оқушылардың жас ерекшеліктеріне сәйкес оқыту мен оқу

6.Оқыту үшін бағалау және оқуды бағалау

7. Оқыту мен оқуда АКТ-ны пайдалану

Жаттығулар: 1. Жаңа сөздермен жұмыс.

2. Суретке қарап отырып мәтін құрастыру.

3. Диалогтық  жұмыс.

4. Грамматикалық жаттығулар

Қолданылатын құралдар: интерактивті тақта,  компьютерлер, дидактикалық материалдар, флипчарт, интернет.
 Сабақ кезеңдері:


              Activities of  teacher            Activities of pupils
Organization  moment:

 5 min.


Greeting; to ask about pupil’s mood.

Good morning, pupils! How are you today?

b) Conversation with on duty.


Pupils greet the pupils and share their minds about their mood.




Warm-up  5 min.
















Checking up the home tasks  5 min.




Explanation of the new materials 10 min.





















Work with poster 5 min.


Teacher:You are welcome to our lesson by the theme: Educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan. And I’ll divide class into two groups. Group A — will speak about education in Great Britain. Group B – will speak about education in Kazakhstan. The aim of our lesson is to compare education into two countries: Great Britain and Kazakhstan. I hope you’ll find something interesting and new for yourselves. Let’s start, please. Good Luck!I

Write a report about education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan.


New words:

1. curriculum — оқу жоспары                           2. education – білім                                          3. head teacher — оқу ісінің меңгерушісі         4. headmaster\headmistress – директор           5. mark – баға                                                   6. timetable — сабақ  кестесі                             7. state school — мемлекеттік  мектеп               8. secondary school – орта  мектеп                   9. comprehensive school – жалпы  білім беретін мектеп                                               10. private school — ақылы мектеп    11.Reduction азайту, қысқарту                12.Support қолдау                                  13.Empower өкіл ету                                   14.Access жұмыс жасау мүмкіндігі         15.Destruction зиян келтіру

I will give you posters, you must write education systems in against group’s countries. Offer  students to give marks each other







Pupils take pictures, concerning to the theme and find the group.


Introdusing groups

Group A: Hello! We are glad to see you! Our group is from Great Britain. I’m Markhabat. I like to read about Great Britain: this is Malika, she is fond of music and dancing, this is Amanzhol, he is very clever, Kairbek and Nursultan are brave.

Group B: Salem. How nice to meet you! You are welcome to our country. We want to know about your country’s education. My name is Symbat. Arna and Ruslan are handsome. Aishat is nice, Manshuk is hardworking and Serirbai is clever.





Pupils listen and repeat after the teacher

Write down the words in their vocabulary notebooks







Pupils give the marks the group, each other

Practise : 5 min.



  We are continuing our seminar about education. The next task is about school uniform in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan.Today a lot of British schools have uniforms. Usually they differ only in colours but include a blazer, a pullover, a shirt (a blouse), trousers (a skirt), tights or socks, shoes and boots, a scarf and gloves of a certain color, a cap or a hat. School badge is on a cap and on a blazer’s pocket.One of the most important elements of the uniform is a school tie.


     Work in groups.

Ex 7. Checking comprehension of the text.
a). Please read and say if these facts about Kazakhstan true or false:
1. The main law of the state is the Constitution. (true)
2. Kazakhstan is a unitary state with the presidential form of government. (true)
3. The President is elected for a four-year term by voting. (false)
4. The parliament is the highest representative body in Kazakhstan. (true)
5. The voting age is twenty. (false)
6. The head of the government, the Prime Minister, is often given responsibility over the economy. (true)




5 min.

Answer the question

1. What kind of schools are there in Kazakhstan?   2. What does a primary school consist of?  3. How many years do pupil study at secondary school?   4. What kind of schools are there in Great Britain?  5. What does A level mean?   6. What school subjects have you got at your school

Giving marks. Saying good – bye! Thank you for your attention. Our lesson is over. See you the next lesson, good — bye!


Pupils give English equivalents of these sentences. If it is necessary they use the text.






Reflexion: 5 min.






Pupils discuss the questions in groups, say their opinions


I know I want to know I’ve learned










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