Weather and Weather Forecast

   Атырау облысы, Құрманғазы ауданы
Абай атындағы орта мектебінің
жоғары санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі   6 «А» эксперимент сыныбында өткізген
Құрманбаева  Майя  Саматқызы  
«Weather and Weather Forecast» тақырыбындағы сабақ жоспары:

The Objectives of the Lesson:

To train pupils to assimilate a new material themselves. To enrich their vocabulary. To guide pupils in using active vocabulary. To move pupils from the known to unknown. To monitor pupils’ activities checking that the new information has been understood and that they are putting their new skills correctly into practice.
To develop pupils’ skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing English.
To train pupils to love any kind of weather and to take care of the Nature
Good-morning! What date is it today? What is the weather like today?
Yes, today is cold. Now let’s begin our lesson!
(a Song “There is no bad weather of Nature” )
As it clear from the song, today we shall speak about weather in general. The theme of our lesson is “Weather and weather forecast”.
Open your copy-books and write down the date and the theme of our lesson
Phonetic Drill
Before I start to check your home-task we should revise some sounds and letters.
The first letter is letter “w”. Though this letter is called [dΛbl ju] by the alphabet, it sounds as “w” in words.

  • For example : swallows, weather winter

The second letter is letter “o”. It sounds different in the 1st type and in the 2nd type. For example: north, important , forecast
Checking up of the home-task
—    What was your home-task? Let`s begin. Who wants to be first?
Ok, very good. Thank you!
Active vocabulary

  • — Before we start to work with the text, we should practice our new vocabulary. There are 9 words, their transcriptions and key-pictures. And you should find the translations of the words and draw the stress-pattern (         ). So, repeat after me.

V. Work with the Text

  • Now it`s time to work with the Text. Open you books at p.78, ex-4. Here are some instructions to this exercise. You should read, translate, find out idioms and copy the idiom into your copy-book

  • Are there any idioms?

VI.  Grammar Reference

  • The next stage of our lesson is Grammar Reference. Listen to me attentively. I`ll explain it in Kazakh.

VII. Practice of Grammar

-Let`s practice our grammar . I`ll write the temperature, you have to say it in English.


                                   +7º                    — 21º            -11 º          +13 º

                                   +18 º          -17 º               0 º          +6 º

VIII.    Brainsforming

-Ok, very good. The next task is  “Brainsforming”. What kind of weather do you know?

IX.   Work with E-Book

-And now I want to check your understanding. Our the next  task  is work with Electronic Book.You have to match the weather words to the pictures.

X.  Oral Speech

-There are many kinds of weather. And what about your favourite weather? Please, speak about what kind of weather do you like?

XI. Let`s Sing

  • Ok, you`ve spoken about your favourite weather and your favourite season.  Now, let`s sing a song “Seasons”. All together stand up and sing.

XII. «Listen & Guess»

-The next stage is Listening. You have to listen the speaker and put the weather-badges into right order  from your ActiveSlades. Let`s listen!

XIV. Conclusion

  • So, our lesson is coming to an end. You were so active. And what about your marks?

  • Your home-task is ex-7, p-83 ( Speaking about climate in Kazakhstan )

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