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We learn English

englishИсатаева Марзия

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

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Жаңаөзен қаласы

№15 орта мектеп

The theme:  “We learn English”

The aims:

  1. a) to speak about language, to read, to translate sentences, to solve Riddles and Polyglot, to enrich the students knowledge giving them more information on the theme.

b)to develop the pupils interests to the language and develop thinking and speaking abilities.

  1. c) to bring up the pupils to respect their native language and foreign language.

Type of the lesson: class hour.

Methods: pair work, group work, interactive board.

  1. Organization moment.
  2. Greetings in English.

“How do you feel today?”

The teacher: The theme of our lesson is “We learn English”. Nowadays every educated person must know the English. The quotation made by the President of our Republic can be a slogan of our lesson. “Kazakhstan must be known in the world as a country using 3 languages. They are: Kazakh language as official Russian as international and English in order to enter the world economy, people all over the world speak almost 3000 languages. Some languages are spoken by millions of people, others are spoken by hundreds of people. Scientists distinguish 13 great languages. They are: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, Italian. Today there a lot of people who knows several languages. A person who knows several languages is called a polyglot. English is number one language in the world. Language helps to understand each other.

  • Now our pupils tell us about the English language.
  1. 1.

As you know people of many countries speak in English, because English is the language of communication, it’s a language of business first of all we must know Kazakh language as official , state one; we have to know Russian as the language of international communication and English language to communicate with the English speaking world.

  1. 2.

“Do you speak English?”- this question is the most frequently heard when people from different countries gather. English is the most widely used language in international business, science and foreign affairs. Some people say that English should be the international language. They think that many problems may be solved easier if everyone speaks English. So we can say English concerns everyone.

  1. 3.

Let’s put ourselves into the real conditions of our life. English is everywhere. It is in signs, clothing, soft drinks and households products around the world. The names of pop-group, software and magazines are often presented in English. English words are used as an element magic on T-shirts and caps.

4 . Pupil.

Now you are learning English and if you want to know it well you should always work hard. Shortly speaking you should:

— enrich your vocabulary;

— use new words in grammar structures and conversation;

— read in English as much as possible;

— write in English not only exercises given by the teacher but do it in your own diary;

— listen to BBC news in English;

— communicate if possible with English-speaking people.

  1. 5.

East or West have many races,

East or West have many lands

White and black and yellow faces,

White and black and yellow hands.

  1. 6.

I want to live and not to die.

I want to laugh and not to cry.

I want to fly into the blue,

I want to swim as fishes do.

I want to feel the summer sun

I want to stretch our friendly hands.

To all the young of other lands

I want to live and not to die.

I want to laugh and not to cry.

  1. The next task is “Who is the best translator?”
  2. “Do you speak English?” – this question is most frequently heard when people from different countries gather.
  3. Although there are about 3000 languages in the world, English is the most widespread.
  4. It is the official language in many countries.
  5. English is the most widely used language in international business, science and foreign affairs.
  6. Some people say that English should be the international language because it is the most widespread language in the world.

As blind as a b_t.

As deaf as a p_ _t.

As white as a s_ _ _t.

As brave as a l_ _n.

As fresh as a d_ _ _ _y.

As greedy as a w_ _f.

As light as a f_ _ _ _ _r.

As hot as an o_ _n.

As cold as a f_ _g.

As cool as a c_ _ _ _ _ _r.

As warm as a t_ _ _t.

As strong as a h_ _ _e.

As gay as a l_ _k.

As stubborn as a m_ _e.

As wise as an o_ _.

As sly as a f_ _.

As busy as a b_ _.

As proud as a p_ _ _ _ck.

As clumsy as an e_ _ _ _ _nt.

As quiet as a m_ _ _e.

  1. The little old woman has 12 children: some short, some long, some cold, some hot. Who is it?
  2. What has a face but no head, and hands but no fingers?
  3. In what month do children talk the least?
  4. What goes up and never goes down?
  5. It is running night and day, but it never runs away.
  6. What has teeth but can’t bite?
  7. It hears everything but says nothing.
  8. What has legs, but can’t run?
  9. I have cities with no houses, forests without trees, rivers and seas without water, what am I?
  10. What is the difference between here and there?








Сыртқы сауда



  • Make a proverb.
  1. Then first speak think.
  2. And live learn.
  3. Leap before look you.
  4. Learn to late never it is.
  5. Is wealth above health.
  6. Let’s sing a song “We shall overcome”.

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