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Our Motherland is Kazakhstan

gulnare №22 жалпы орта білім беретін мектеп  ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімі Есенгельдинова Кульнар Аубакировна Семей қаласы


Extracurricular work
Forms: 8-9
Theme:  Our Motherland is Kazakhstan
Aims: —
to develop the  students’ interests in the subject of  English, to widen  students’ scope ( country knowing) according to the intercommunication by subjects: Geography, History.

to develop communicative skills and abilities through extracurricular work, to cultivate  the feelings of love and responsibility to Motherland.

Visual aids: the posters, the book exhibition about the Republic of Kazakhstan, the symbols of RK (national flag), a tape, the anthem (cassette), the geographical map, tables.
The lesson as usually begins with the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Presenter 1:
Good morning dear teachers and students! First of all, we want to congratulate you on the Republic Day. We wish you strong health, long life without illnesses, and for our republic to prosper for happiness of our place.
Presenter 2: Today we gathered here to choose the best students of the school. Our intellectual game will include:
1st  round: Baiga
2nd  round: Polyglot
3rd  round: Kokpar
4th  round: 4 subjects
Presenter 1: All the questions will deal with the theme  of the RK. We choose  1 student from each grade.
Attention please : after each tour you will gain coins for the correct answers and who  will get  least of the coins will  go out of the game. Welcome, dear  friends!
Presenter 2:
The 1st  participant is ….
The 2nd  participant is … etc.

( Every participant has to introduce  himself  in short. For example: My  name is …. . I was  born …..  . I am a ….. student  of … . My hobby  is …    ( I want  to  be…)
Presenter 1: And our fair  judges are ……
Presenter 2: The  first round of  our  intellectual game is  Baiga
We ask  the questions  and the one  who answers the first will get 10 points.
Presenter 1: 1) Where is the Republic of  Kazakhstan situated? Give  geographical characteristics? ( Kazakhstan is situated / is located in the central part of  the Eurasian landmass)
Presenter 2: 2) What is the area of Kazakhstan and  with which countries does it  border? ( The territory stretches from the lower reaches of the River Volga in the west to the Altai  Mountains in the east. The total area covered  by  the republic  is over 2,7 million square kilometers. In the west and north, the  RK borders with the Russian Federation, in the south with  Turkmenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, in the east with China.)
Presenter 1: 3) How many people are there in our country and what countries taken together would fit into our  republic’s territory? ( There are about 16 million people. Such countries as France, Portugal,Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden and Finland could fit into its territory.)
Presenter 2: 4) What is the official language of the country? ( The official language of the country is Kazakh.)
Presenter 1: 5) How many rivers are there in the RK? Which of them are the biggest of all? Name the main rivers. ( The RK has almost 85,000 rivers , the biggest of them is the Irtish. Main of them  are the River Ili, the  Syr- Dariya, the Ural.)
Presenter 2: 6)How many lakes are there in the RK and which of them are the biggest?(There are almost 50,000 lakes in the republic.The biggest ones are  Balkash,Alakol,Sasikkol, Markakol.The biggest lake is the Caspian sea.)
Presenter 1: 7) On what principles in the  Constitution of the independent  RK based? ( On the principles of pluralism and separation of powers  within unified  secular state)
Presenter 2:  8) Who is the head of  State and  Chief Executive? ( The president of the RK)
The 2nd  round  is  POLYGLOT

Presenter 1: Give the translation of the words into Kazakh and Russian.
«независимость» ( английский вариант: indepence, казахский вариант:тәуелсіздік)
«достижение» (казахский вариант: Жетістік, английский вариант:achievement)
«процветание» (казахский вариант: гүлдену , английский вариант: prosperity)
«Южная столица» (казахский вариант:Оңтүстік астана, английский вариант:       the south capital )
«политические цели» (казахский вариант: саяси мақсаты , английский вариант:political aims)
«глава государства» (казахский вариант: елбасы , английский вариант: the head of state)
«обычаи  и  традиции»  ( казахский вариант:салт-әдет ғұрып  , английский вариант: customs and traditions)
«достояние народа»  ( казахский вариант: халық мүддесі , английский вариант: the  nations’ properity)
Presenter 2: The  3rd  round is  KOKPAR : the task is to answer the questions  as quickly as you can.
1. When do we celebrate the holiday  NAURYZ?     (the 22nd of March)
2. Who is the author of the novel  “ Abai zholy”?     ( M.Auezov)
3. When  was  the  New Constitution of the RK adopted?       (1996)
4. Who are  the  authors of  the new anthem of  the  RK?  (N.Nazarbaev, Jumeken Najmedinov)
5. Who is the  author of  the  book  “Asia” ?  (O.Suleimenov)
6. What  strategy  program was written  by the  president of  the  RK? ( The strategy program – 2030 )
7.How many  years  the  president  of  the  RK is  elected for?  (for  7 years)
8. For  whom  has  the monument  been built  in  Russia  in  2006 year? ( for Abai in Moscow)
9. Where the  oil  resources  can  be  found  in the RK? (in  the  west)
10. Who founded  the  first  Pedagogical  College for  girls?  ( I.Altynsarin)
Presenter 1: The  4th  round  —  4 subjects:  Choose the  subject  which  you  like. Each  question  has  the points  according  to the difficulty.
20 points : How  many lakes  are  there  in  Kazakhstan?  ( around  5,000)
30 points: Where  is the  lake  Jalanash situated?(Kokshetau,the region in the north of KZ)

40 points:How many main climatic-vegetation zones are there in Kazakhstan?  (4:wooded steppe,grassy or open steppe,semi-desert and desert)
20 points: When did  the  rebellion  against  the  tsarist  rule  in  Kazkhstan  led  by Amangeldy  Imanov  happen? ( in  1916)
30 points: When  was  the  first  President  of  the  Republic  elected?  (in  1991)
40 points: When  was  the  official  residence  of  the  President  built? (in  1994 )
20 points: When did  Kazakhstan  become  a member of  the  World  Olympic  Committee?  ( in 1994 )

Conclusion. Giving  the  prizes.

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