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Practice the unit language with a song

LESSON:Practice the unit language with a song



School: Murager


Teacher’s name: Akhmetzhanova Ainur









Numberpresent: absent:
Lessonobjectives All learners will be able to:

·         To review the vocabulary of lesson 1 with a chant; to present the new structure

Most learners will be able to:

·         Target language behind, in front of, next to. It’s/ she’s…

Some learners will be able to:

·         In, on, under, box. Animals, Landscape, Furniture.

Previous learning Speaking, writing


Planned timings



Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)








5 min





Starting the lesson.

Revice the lesson 1 vocabulary. Hold up the flashcards. Pupils come to the front and write the words on the board.

Bring a large box and put it where it is visible to all the class. Take different toy animals pupils know the names of in English and revise prepositions in, on and under. Ask Where’s the ( monkey)? Pupils answer it’s (under) the box.


Our Discovery Island.

Grade 4


Main part

15 min





Point at a student and say (name) is in front of .Repeat with a few more pupils. Pupils repeat each sentence after you to practice pronunciation. Ask Where’s (name)? Pupils answer He/She’s in front of… .

Repeat with behind and next to.

Use the toy animals to practice the new prepositions. Pupils come to your table and place the toys in different positions. They ask the class, e.g. Where’s the (cat)? The class answers.

Chant .

Play CD2-37 Pupils listen and follow the words. Play it again, pausing after each line. Pupils repeat. Play it a third time. Pupils say it together. Use the picture to help prompt the words.

Divide the class into two groups. One group asks the questions and the other group answers.




Our Discovery Island.

Grade 4






Internet materials











Pupils read the sentences in the Look! Box and match the prepositions to the correct picture.

They draw pictures and write sentences in their notebooks to illustrate the prepositions ,e,g. The cat is in front of the house. Then they show their pictures to the class and say the sentences.

Listen and say the missing words.

Focus on the sentences. Play CD 2:38. Pupils listen and point at the animals in the main illustration as they are mentioned. Play again , pausing after each of the sentences on the page. Pupils say the missing words. Ask a few questions, e.g. Where’s the fish?



Teacher’s book





5 min Ending of the lesson!

Play Teacher says see. P. 24 practising the prepositions from this lesson, e.g. Sit on your chair. Stand next to your chair. Girls stand behind boys. Put your bag in front of the board. Put your books under the table.

Home work: To learn by heart the new words

T: The lesson is over good bye!

Internet materials



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