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Our favourite recipes

Long-term plan unit: Unit 3: Eating. School  №140
Date: 25.11.2016 Teacher names: Dandesova M
 Grade: 7 “Б    
Theme of the lesson: Our favourite recipes.
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to   -Presentation of  recipes

— Reading  the text “Stone soup”

— to revise  some/ any

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:

·         listen and repeat the words, follow  the instruction according to the task

Most learners will be able to:

·         use some /any  correctly in the sentences

Some learners will be able to:

·         recognise and name most of the words according to the topic, use some/any , to speak  about the text  using  grammatical structures correctly

Success criteria Students will have succeeded in this class if they:

1.      Name words correctly

2.      Followed the instruction of the teacher immediately with support

Value links Respect and cooperation by:

1.      Listening to the teacher

2.      Listening to each other

Cross curricular links Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature (naming things in Kazakh, Russian and English)
ICT skills PPT -By teacher, interactive websites
Previous learning Revision of the words – food, vocabulary
Planned timings Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities) Resources

3 min
























































Teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and take their places.

Hello, children! How are you?

The class will be divided into 3 groups by choosing photos of fruits, vegetables and drinks



1.Pupils sing a song “At our school”

In the playground
We have lots of fun
We play, we talk,
we jump, we run.             At our school. At our school. At our school.

On the sports field
We do PE
we play sports together
You and me!                    At our school. At our school. At our school.
In the art room
We paint and draw
We put our pictures
on the walls.                      At our school. At our school. At our school.
In the computer room
We look and hear
We put the headphones
On our ears.                     At our school. At our school. At our school.


Checking up

-What was your homework for today?

“Car with fruits”

-There are some  balloons with the names of our pupils. One pupil  must  take  the balloon and blow it  up and ask question for the pupil.

P1: What’s your favourite food?

P: My favourite food is …

P1: Why do you like it?

P: Because it’s delicious, tasty.

P1: What do you usually have for breakfast?

P: I have for breakfast: eggs, bread, tea.

P1: Which drinks do you like and which drinks don’t you like?

P: I like lemonade, fruit juice, orange juice, and I don’t like tomato juice.

P1: What dish can you cook yourself?

P: I can cook ….

New lesson

-Ok, how do you think what will be the theme of the lesson?

The theme of the lesson is “My favourite recipes”

New words

—          as usually we’ll  continue our lesson with new words

to be hungry – [’hʌŋgrɪ] — аш болу

That’s a pity. – Қандай өкінішті!

soldier  [souldзә]- солдат
mean – [mi:n]сараң
magic stone [mædзik stoun]– сиқырлы тас
saucepan  [‘so:spәn]- қазан
a bit   [bit]– аз ғана

brought [bro:t] — әкелді


Showing video

-Please, all of you draw attention to the interactive board. I want to show you a video about “Stone soup” and pay attention for the actions of the characters


-Now,  lets discuss  recipes of  “Stone soup”

What did old woman bring to the soldier?

1. The old woman brought   water.
3. The old woman brought some salt and pepper.
4. The old woman brought some potatoes, carrots, beans and a big onion.
5. The old woman brought some ham and some sausages.
-There are 3 tasks were written in the paper. Please, choose 1 of them. All of you look at your paper. Before reading the text I have got 1 task  for you. You should present actions with this dolls. You can help your member of group.

Craft activities.

Stone soup

Author: One day a very hungry soldier came to an old woman’s house .But the old woman was very mean .She said that she hasn’t got any food

Soldier: «Oh,  That’s  a pity. I’ve got a magic stone. I can make soup with it . But I need some water .

Woman:  Well I have got a lot of water

Author: She brought a big saucepan of water .The soldier put the stone into it . Then he tasted the soup .

Soldier:  It’s very good . It just needs a bit of salt and pepper .

Woman:  I have got a bit of salt and pepper

Soldier:  It needs a few vegetables .  It a pity you haven’t vegetables .

Woman:  I have got a few vegetables

Author: The woman ran and brought some potatoes, carrots and a big onion . The soldier put the vegetables into the saucepan.

Soldier:  It’ s  ready . It needs a bit of meat . It’s a pity you haven’ t got any meat .

Author: The woman ran and brought some ham and some sausages . The soldier put them into the saucepan .

Soldier:  Right. I can’t see the stone anymore . So the soup is ready . Bread is very good with stone soup . It’ s a pity you haven’ t got any bread .

Woman:  I have got a bit of bread

Author: She ran and brought a loaf of bread and  some butter. The old woman tasted the soup

Woman:   M-m-m . This soup is delicious and you made it with that magic stone .

Author:  Before leaving he said .

Soldier:   Here is the magic stone . You can keep it . .But remember for the best stone soup you need a bit of meat a few vegetables and a bit of salt and pepper too


We use some with affirmative sentences

We use any with negative and interrogative sentences




Doing exercises

Ex :5 p:88

Put some or any into the gaps

a.       I don’t have _____ money in my pocket, but I have ________money in the bank


Exercises  from Bilimland.kz


Our lesson is coming to an end. We have read and spoken much about Food today. And now I want to give you advice. Don’t forget.

•         1. Too little food makes you thin.

•         2. Too much food makes you fat.

•         3. The wrong food makes you ill.

•         4. The right food makes you well.

•         5. Too many sweets are bad for you especially for your teeth.

Do you agree with me?   I like your answers.

Giving the marks . Your marks….

Giving the home work   Exercise 6  Give me your diaries and I put your marks in them.



























Photos of fruits, vegetables and drinks.




















Interactive board























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