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Animals   our  fiends

The theme ; Animals   our  fiends
Aims of the lesson
1. To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speech
To enrich their vocabulary
2 To develop their reading writing listening, kills and grammar lexical
3.To bring up pupils to be attentive to write neatly and correctly.
To foster their love for animals.

Teaching method; Explanation answer-question, listening, work in pairs and
work in group
Visual aids; An interactive board tape recorder, a crossword, pictures of the
animals ,riddles
Procedure of the lesson

1. Organization moment
A) Greeting
B)Asking about the dates ,absentees, etc
2 . Checking up the home assignment.
What was you home task for today?
Did I give you anything
Get ready:
New theme Animals
New words and expressions
An elephant-Піл
A camel-Түйе
A bear-Аю
A monkey-Маймыл
A wolf-Қасқыр
A fox-Түлкі
A rabbit-Қоян
A tiger-Жолбарыс
A lion- Арыстан
Answer  the  questions

What  animals  lay   eggs?

Do  mammals  build  nests?

What  animals   can  winter in  deserts?

What  reptiles   hiss?

What  insects  buzz?

What  animals  barks?

What  animals  can  fly?

What  birds  migrate  to  warmer  countries?


Home task; to prepare retelling of the text Animals and learn names of animals from cartoons and fairy tales.
Giving marks
Children!Our lesson is over. I am very pleased, You were very active at the lesson.





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