I want an apple.


Grade: 2

The theme of the lesson: I want an apple.

Grammar : Countable and uncountable nouns.

The aims and objectives of the lesson:
a) educational to enrich pupil’s knowledge about  сountable and uncountable nouns,  presenting with new words, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information.
b) developing to develop pupils habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop communication skills and abilities, to teach them to poly languages.
c) cultural to bring up pupils to love and to respect their native and foreign languages, to teach them to respect each other and to educate them to be a honesty.
The type of the lesson: combined lesson
The kind of the lesson: practical
The methods of the lesson: speaking, comparing, completing, question-response, bring storming, question-answer
Visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, pictures,

The procedure of the lesson:
І. Organization moment
Teacher’s activity
— greeting;
— to check the attendance of
— to pay pupils attention to the
— to check the preparation of the
Student’s activity
— greeting;
— acting on duty;
to prepare for the lesson;

Warm – up   

The game “Telephone”
ІІ. Checking up the home task To learn by heart the new words
(teacher checks the homework by asking in oral form)

     Алма, апельсин, лимон,банан,киви,бал сүт, шоколад, печенье,май,нан, шай.
III. Explaining new material

Giving new words:


Lemonade- Лимонад





New grammar.

1.Some —  есімдігі  саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады.

Мысалы : some milk, some tea….

2.Егер  сөз дауыссыз дыбыстан басталса, онда  а  артиклі  қолданылады.

Мысалы :  а kiwi,  a banana……

  1. Егер сөз дауысты дыбыстан басталса,

онда  аn  артиклі  қолданылады.

Мысалы :  an apple, an orange ……

IV.Consolidation of the new lesson.

Work with copy-book

Exercise 1 page 60

Do the crossword









Exercise 3 page  60

Complete the sentences

1.I want some juice.

  1. Ben likes oranges.
  2. Do you like  bread  and butter ?

4.My friends like cheese.


The song  “Yummy”


Work with the textbook.

Read these words:
[ai ]
Kite,nine, five, fine, driver.
[ I ]
Kid, big, sister, sing, kitchen.

Exercise 3

I want some …….

( milk, juice, lemonafe, chocolate, pizza …)

I want an ………

( apple, orange ……)

I want a ………

( banana,kiwi, sandwich, biscuit ….)

To learn by heart the new words and  exercise  5,6 p.61
T: What did we do at our lesson?

   Pupils you are very activity today, your marks are 5, 4, …
VIII. The end of the lesson
— The lesson is over

 — Good-bye pupils


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