Form: 3


Lesson: 28

Theme: Weather

Aims: To organize students’ activities for independent application of knowledge in various situations; to develop the students’ interest to English.

Aids: interactive board, cards, pictures

Procedure of the lesson:


Organization moment:

-Good afternoon, pupils! Sit down, please.

-Who is on duty today?

–Who is absent?

–What was your home work for today?

II.Checking up the home work:

Ex 2, 5 p 56,57 WB


Yy [j], [ai], [i]

The main part. Weather

Presentation of new words.

Today- бүгін

Yesterday- кеше

Now -қазір



I was at home yesterdayмен кеше үйде болдым

We were in the park yesterday-біз кеше саябақта болдық

What was the weather like in Astana yesterday? – кеше Астанада ауа-райы қандай болды?

It was sunny-күнді болды


Ex. 1 p. 64 SB Look and learn.

Grammar structure:

Past Simple of the verb ‘to be’

Present Simple   Past Simple  
I am  


At school now

I was  



At home yesterday

He is He was
She is She was
It is It was
We are We were
You are You were
They are They were


Ex.2 p.64 SB

Warm up

Weather song.

Listening.Track 51 PB,52 WB


Ex. 2p.58 WB Put was/ were

Ex.3p59 WB. Write.


Ex. 4p 65 ask and answer.

VI.Home work: Ex 1,5p 58,59 WB

Was the lesson interesting for you? Why?

Your marks for the lesson are …The lesson is over Good-bye!


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