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Educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan

edukazuk Қарағанды облысы
Сәтбаев қаласы
№27 жалпы орта білім беретін мектебі
Ағылшын тілінің мұғалімі
Тажибаева Айжан Ахатоқызы
The theme of the lesson: Educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan
(Ұлыбритания мен Қазақстандағы білім жүйесі.)

The aim of the lesson: Educational:  to enlarge students’ knowledge on the theme, to enrich  students’  lexicon through new vocabulary.

  • Developing: To develop students’ speaking, reading and retelling skills; to develop  students’ interest in research works.
  • Bringing up: to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan; to love school.

The type of the lesson: combined

Inter-subject connection:  kazakh language

Methods of teaching: explaining, showing.

The equipment:     an interactive board, cards, stickers, marking cards, pictures

and the texts about school.

The procedure of the lesson:


I.  Organization moment:



II. Checking up the home task




III.Watching a video



















IV.  Vocabulary work
























VI. New theme




VII. Work with the text:





















VIII. Work in groups:



IX. Compete sentences




X. Disccus pictures


XI. Complete the table


XII. Play the game


XIII. Production














XIV. Conclusion









XV. Make a            poem:”Education”



XV. Marking

XVI.  Home task:



Good morning, boys and girls!Nice to meet you!

How are you?


To collect information about Schools in Great Britain.

Schools in Kazakhstan and in USA.

(project work).




-You should to watch a video about education in England then answer the questions

1.What kind of subjects have they got?

2.What can you say about their uniform?

3/What kind of foods in their canteen?

4.What about this video?



 State school

 Private school


     Junior school

     Infant school  




   Modern school

  Grammar school





Schooling in England






Choosing schools



Educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.































Complete the table-I know.   Iwould know.


  • 1.Primary schools are those…
  • 2.Infant schools are…
  • 3.Junior schools…
  • 4.Compehensive schools…
  • 5.Grammar schools…



Teacher show the slide with the  different pictures  of  schools.


Types of schools


    A mulburry bush

Make dialogue — “At the school“

  • What are your favourite subjects at school?
  • What school subjects have you got at your school ?
  • When do your lessons start and finish?
  • How long does every lesson last?
  • Do you wear a uniform?
  • Do you go to school by bus?
  • Do you like your school?
  • What activities do you do after school?
  • What holidays do you have every year?


Complete the Venn’s diagram : “Schools in Kazakhstan                                               and in England”.


A noun

2 adjectives

3 verbs

A sentences



I’ll put you marks.

Write about your school.

Stand up, children.

The lesson is over. Good Bye!


Good morning, teacher!

We are fine, thank you!





















  • мемлекеттік мектеп
  • Жеке меншік мектеп
  • Міндетті
  • Бастауыш мектеп
  • бала
  • мектеп формасы
  • көңіл аудару
  • жат, бөгде
  • жаңа заманауй мектеп
  • грамматикалық мектебі
  •  толық,міндетті
  • өте манызды





Group A:  Education in    

                    Great Britain:

In Great Britain children start going to school when they are five and continue studying until they are 16 or older. Compulsory education begins at the age of five when they go to primary school. Primary education lasts for six years. First they attend the infant school from five to seven.

In infant schools children don’t have real classes. They get acquainted with the class- room, desks, play and through plating. They learn numbers and how to add them. When children are seven they go to junior school which they attend until eleven. Boys and girls study at junior school for four years. There they have classes, read and write, do mathematics.

At secondary school pupils study English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Foreign languages and PT. there are some types of secondary schools in Great Britain. They are grammar school, modern schools and comprehensive schools. One can attend modern school but of a modern school don’t learn foreign languages.


Group B: Education in Kazakhstan.

We started school at the age of seven. After four years of primary school we went to secondary school. Primary and secondary schools together comprise eleven years of classes are compulsory in our republic.

Our school year began on the first of September and ended in May. It lasted 9 months. On the 1st of September we got acquainted with our teachers and had our first lessons. Every lesson lasted 45 minutes. Every day we had 5 or 6 lessons.


Today the educational system in Kazakhstan is presented by two languages: Kazakh and Russian. Primary education is the most developed of the state’s educational system. Pupils receive their primary education in schools of three different levels. Primary 1-4 grades, middle 5-9 grades and junior 10-11 grades. After finishing the 9th grade children continue education in high schools in technical- professional institutes, or in special schools.


Students should look and remember it. And name them.


















































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