БҚО. Жаңақала ауданы. Пятимар ауылы.
Пятимар орта  жалпы білім беретін мектебінің
ағылшын тілі мұғалімі
Гульнар Кумаргалиевна Кайржанова
The theme of the lesson: Holidays
Aim of the lesson:To enrich pupils’ knowledge  about holidays
To develop the pupils’reading, speaking  and writing  skills  and interest to the  English  language.
The type of the lesson :presentation  of the new grammar material
Technology: critical thinking
Visual aids :interactive  board ,pictures
Book:» Messages  2»by Meredith Levy,Diana Goodey
Plan of the lesson:
I.Organization moment:
Good morning boys and  girls! I am very glad to see you.
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?

  • -What  date is it today?

-What  day of the week is it today?

Doing  puzzle.


T:-Well,friends, have look at the blackboard ,please. Here is  a puzzle  for you to do. Name all the words  in the pictures, take  only  the first  letter  of each  word  and  you  will read  the  theme  of  todays  lesson. example , a hat- letter’h’…. (‘h’    әрпін  ілеміз   магнитпен)

T:-What  keyword  have we got ?  («Holidays»)  Right.

Today  we shall speak  about  summer  holidays .

III.Answering  teacher’s  questions(мұғалім  оқушыларға  кішентай  ойыншықтарды   лақтырады,оқушылар  сұраққа  жауап  беріп ойыншықты айтарып  береді.)

T:Let’s play  a bit. Catch the toy  and answer  my question.

-By the  way ,do you like  holidays? ( Yes,I do)

T: Where do you  spend your  summer holiday?

I spend  my  summer holiday  in  Uralsk

IV  .Listen and say the words. Find the things in the photos        Caravan -[kᴂravᴂn]  —


campsite-[kᴂmpsait]-лагерге арналған орын

ferry-[feri]-  фарум

lounge-[lаundӡ] -демалатын бөлме


V.Presentation. We went to   France.  Презентация.


caravan  tent   sleepping bag   sea   plane  hotel  ferry  campsite   beach  rucksack

V.Presentation.  We went to  France.

Close  your  book  and listen  to Matt’s story.Kітапты  жауып  Мatt-тің   әңгімесін тыңдаңдар.

What was in Matt’s sleeping  bag? Не  болды  Мatt- тің   ұйықтайтын  қабында?

We  usually  go to France  in the  summer .We stay  at a  campsite. We take our

caravan and  we get the  ferry  from Plymouth  to  Roscoff  . Then  we  drive  to the south.

Last  summer  my mum  came  into  our tent  with a drink  and  suddenly ,she  said’’ Matt!  Don’t  move!’ There was  a scorpion  in my  sleeping  bag.

I was quite scared ,but Jack pushed  the scorpion  into his  shoe  with a magazine .

Then he took out side .He can run  across  the road  and put  it under the  trees.

My parents said  “You’re  a hero , Jack!’’

We had  a great holiday  but ,after that ,everyone  looked  in their  sleeping  bags  before  they  went  to sleep.

VI. Listen  again  and  follow in your  book. Then  complete  the sentences .

Who was  it?1.Matt, Jack  and Matt’s  parents  went  to France  last summer.

2…….  went  on  holiday  with  his cousin ,Matt.

3……. slept  in a tent.

4……. slept  in the  caravan.

5……. saw the  scorpion  first.

6……. was  scared.

7. …….. took the  scorpion  outside.

8……. put  it  under the  trees.

9. ……..  said “You’re  a hero!’’

VII .Past  simple: irregular  verbsPast  simple – жәй  өткен шақ,бұрын  болған іс  әрекетті баяндайды.

Ағылшын  тілінде  етістіктің  екі тұрі бар.Дұрыс етістіктер (Regular verbs) .Бұрыс етістікте(Irregular verbs)Дұрыс етістіктің екінші  және  үшінші  формасы  -ed  жұрнағын  жалғау  арқылы жасалды.

Complete  the table with the  verbs  from the story.

Present           Past

Come              came

Get                1——

Go                 2——

Have               3——

Put                 put

Run               4———

Say                5———

See                 saw

Sleep              slept

Take              7———

VIII . Practice. Жаттығу.

Complete  the sentences  with  verbs  from the  table.

1.Jack  took  his  sleeping bag  with him.

2.Matt’s family …… to France  last summer.

3.They ….. the ferry in  Plymouth.

4.Jack and Matt …..  in their tent.

5. They … sleep very late.

6. They …..a great  time.

Test  a friend.  Use a verb from the  table  and make  another sentences  about  a holiday .Can  your  friend  find the right  verb?


We…….. breakfast  in our tent.

IX.Reading. Last summer.

Last summer we ……. to Greece  on holiday.

We….. at a campsite near….. .The weather….. great.It was hot and….all the time.

We went…. in the sea every day and we ate a lot of…. .We also went on a boat trip and….some dolphins.We…. a frantastic time.I want to ….. there again next year.


1 a stayed b went c came

2 a got b stayed c went

3 a the sea b Madrid c my house

4 a is b were c was

5 a cold b sunny c windy

6 a rollerblading b shopping c swimming

7 a dogs b scorpions c ice cream

8 a .see b. saw c. sea

9 a had  b. were c. did

10 a. going b. went c. go

Extension Find the verbs.Find ten irregular past simple verbs in the word snake. Write them with their infinitive form.Find ten irregular past simple verbs in the wordsnake. Write them with their infinitive form.

1 came          come

2………..         .. ………….

3………..         ….………..

4…………        ……………

5…………        …………….

If you like,make another wordsnake and ask a friend to find the words.

ХI Wiriting.

Children ,write about  a real  or  an  imaginary  holiday.

XII.Hometask:WB  Ex;1-4p16-17  You must  learn  irregular verbs  by heart.

XIII. Giving  marks

XIV. Conclusion T: Today  we have  learned  many interesting  things about  holidays. Thank  you  for  your active  work  at the  lesson. I’m sure  that our  lesson  was interesting  and useful  for you.  The lesson  is over .



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