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Plants and animals of Kazakhstan

Grade : 7 Date: 19.01.2016 3rd   lesson Theme Plants and animals of Kazakhstan Aim To   learn  theme about  animals and plants of Kazakhstan Expected results    They study text, learn  create the tasks , explain the meaning some  words Doing  tasks Complete the sentences, make True or False, translate into English or Kazakh, match  the words  with numbers, explain the ...

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Schools we get knowledge in

 Маңғыстау облысы, Ақтау қаласы №28 орта мектептің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Нургабылова  Гулдари  Байганиновна Theme:  Schools  we  get  knowledge  in Form: 8 Aims: to  talk  about  education  and  modern  schools.            To introduce pupils with the  new  words  and  how  to  use  the  words.             To develop  the  abilities  to  speak  English,  creative  abilities of  pupils.           ...

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