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Is it easy to be young?

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is it easy to be a teenager? 10 сынып

The theme: «Is it easy to be young? »      

Aims: 1) to master new lexis and its use in speech; to enrich pupils` knowledge on the theme.

2) To develop skills and habits in dialogues; to develop the pupils` SRLW.

3) To respect the relationship between relatives, friends; to teach to value life.

Type and methods of the lesson: combined, critical thinking, individual work, group work, game, discussion

Integration with other subjects: Kazakh, Geography, History

Visual aids: slides, placards, markers, a computer, an interactive board


The procedure of the lesson


Organization moment.



No men, no problems.

How do you understand this proverb? Who is a teenager? (A young person from 13 to17)

What is it like to be a teenager? Is it easy to be a teenager? What do you think?

What problems do teenagers face?

It’s really so many teens’ problems.  Like any citizen in Kazakhstan every teenager has not only rights but duties.  Of course, there are different kinds of problems. What are they? Let’s discuss some of them!


Checking of the pupils` home task


Let’s read the poem written by Gary Sharpe, a boy of 15.

Giggle- мырс-мырс күлу


Bald- таз

He`s hardly with it as fashion goes-маған сән үлгісі ұнамайды

Swap- ауыстырмас едім

My friend and I go out together,

We watch the football despite the weather.                (even if the weather is bad)

We shout and cheer and both agree

That Nottingham is the best to see.


I feel my friend is getting old,

He’s fat and bald and feels the cold,                             (has no hair on his head)

And when he dances it’s such a giggle                         (it’s fun)

His feet don’t move but he gives a wiggle                    (извивается, вертится)


I don’t like his taste in clothes,

          He’s hardly with it as fashion goes.                              (не следит за модой)

          But somehow I feel he is my mate,                               (friend)

          In fact I think my friend is great.

          The time has come for me to admit,                             (to agree that it’s true)

          That my friend to me is quite a hit.                             (I’m lucky he’s my friend)

          I wouldn’t swap him for any other –                           (не поменял бы)

          Apart from which he’s married to my Mother.           (не говоря уже о том ….)


  • Who is his friend?
  • Why does Gary have his father as a friend?


  • What about you?  Do you have any problems with your parents?



  • To read the statements. Exercise 2 p. 195
  • What does it mean to be good friends?


Trust – сену

Rely on – арқа сүйеу

Share happiness with – бөлісу

Help – көмектесу

Respect – құрметтеу

Understand – түсіну

Care for – қамын ойлау

Keep secrets – құпиясын сақтау



  • Game “ Friends by clock”



  • Vocabulary work:


average –  орташа

steady –  тұрақты

part-time job – уақытша жұмыс

non-smokers –  темекі шекпейтін адамдар

religion –  дін

filling –  тістің пломбасы


  • To read and translate the text “British teenagers”
  • Grammar. Much or many




many teenagers get up after 7 o`clock?
much sleep do British teenagers get?
many teenagers have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend?
much pocket money do teenagers get?
many of them have a part-time job?
many cinemas are there in Britain?
many boys are non-smokers?
many British teenagers go to church regularly?



  • To read and translate the words.  Divide the following words into two groups


Positive and negative

Active – белсенді

Communicative – тіл табысқыш

Frank – ақкөңіл

Inquisitive – талапты

Creative – шығармашыл

Aggressive – ашулы

Stubborn – қажырлы қайратты

Cruel – мейірімсіз

Selfish – өзімшіл

Unbalanced–байыпсыз, мазасыз



  • Advices.


I think every person has troubles, it is our life. I can advice to be friendly, polite,  love your parents and friends and be responsible for your actions. Don’t forget, that the future of our planet in our hands!  


  1. Two stars and a wish
  2. Home task.  Evaluation.

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