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To speak about jobs, description of jobs, wages, payment

Айдана Макпозова

Date   Grade   Subject
Theme To speak about jobs, description of jobs, wages, payment


Aims -to teach students to talk about their school;  — to develop the children’s spoken and listening fluency; -to develop the pupil’s habit of the oral speech, introducing, to develop understanding, listening;-to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to creat an English atmosphere in the classroom.
Kind of the lesson New lesson
Method dialogue
Inter-subject kazakh
Expected sesults pupils will be able to talk about jobs

can say advantages and disadvantages of different kind of jobs.

to know the vocabulary jobs

The procedure of the lessons Teacher’s action
Checking up the home task What was your home task?  Do have any questions?

Who is ready? Is there any volunteers?

Warm up Answer the questions

Answ                   1. What did you want to be when you were a child?

2. Have you changed your mind since then?

3. What profession are you dreaming of?

4. Are you sure that the profession you are going to choose is in demand now?

5. Is this job well paid or underpaid?

Speaking Ex4Read       Here is job description.

If you don’t have a part – time job, remember your parents’ job.

Draw a table of this  kind in your notebook.


Table on p 83

  5. Ex5 p 170.

— Which job do you like most?

— Which job do you like least?

— Why?

— When you think of a job don’t forget  about a job description.

Categories Name the job you like most Name  the job you like least
Job satisfaction    
Working hours    


Task 6:Now read these short texts and try to guess about the occupation of these people. See the answers on next page.


I give out hundreds of telephone numbers every day. I like talking to people every day. I earn around $20,00 a year. But I don’t feel very secure — I can lose my job because of automation. Computers do everything these days. So, I am studying to be a computer programmer at high school.


My clients are business travelers. I make plane, hotel and car reservations for them. My annual salary isn’t very high — only $24,000, but I like my job.  It’s pretty secure, because travel is a growing field. Also, I often travel in order to learn about cities, hotels, airlines and tours. And when I do, everything is free — the plane tickets, the hotel rooms and so on  3.

In my job I mainly work with athletes who have sports injuries. Sometimes the athletes are famous, and that’s always exciting. My salary is good — 38,000 a year. I always have a lot of patients. Doctors are too busy to do my job these days. They are happy to give the work to specialists like us.


Hershey’s able to manufacture 33 million Kisses a day. 20,000 Kisses pass my inspection station each minute. That’s quite a few. So I have to stay alert. The large majority of pieces are in very good shape. What I am looking for? Well, some pieces aren’t quite there. They may lean to one side or be too curly at the top. They could be flat or too small. It is my job to catch the defective ones before they head straight for some kid’s Halloween bag.

Answers to ex.6:  (Travel agent, candy man, telephone operator, physical therapist)

Reading Pre-reading task Exercise 11-12,  page 61

Do you wear a uniform?

What are advantage and disadvantage of wearing a uniform at school?

Compare your ideas with others

Reading the text

Exercise 13, page 61

Post reading task    Exercise 14, page 62

Homework Exercise 13, page 61

5 minutes

—          So, what have you learned from the lesson?

—          Was it difficult or easy for you?


5 minutes

At finally I’d like to thank you for you participation in our lesson, our discussion. Today you were very active and I hope that the theme of our lesson was interesting and useful for you. I’d like to know your opinion about the lesson.

Your marks for the lesson are…………….. .

Your home task will be to make your own school timetable

See you tomorrow. All the best!


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