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I quarter Grade: 5 20/10.10.2016 45  minutes Subject:  English
The theme Step 3 Families
The  aim  of the lesson Ø  to revise the names of the members  of  a family
The expected  results ü  write a description of  a family
The  main idea -create “Word band”  based on the theme “Family”

-Pronunciation “Families”

-Working out:  putting questions  and reply and making dialogues and writing descriptions

Visual  aids Messages SB, WB, Interactive Board, Computer, Pictures

(members of families; Family tree), CD. Poster.

Steppes I. Greetings.

— Warm up.

— Dividing into groups.

—  Checking –up the home tasks.

— Brainstorming.

II. New theme.

— New words.

— Listen and check. Tapescrips.

— Write about Robbies’ family.

— Test a friend. Question – answer.

— Reading. A new baby.

III. Conclusion.

— Complete the information.

-Working with photos. Description of your family.

— Complete the table.

— Make a poster.

IV. Assessment.

V. Homework.

VI. Reflection.


Teacher  notes  about the lesson

(What will the teacher and  pupils do  during the lesson?)

  1. Greeting: T: Good morning, girls and boys!
    T: How are you, today? Are you ready for lesson?
    T: Well, pupils, at first, let’s check the class atmosphere.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What is the date today?



 Dividing into groups:  Ok, pupils, let us divide in  two  groups.

The first group is mother.

The second group is father.


 — Warm- up: Repeat the rhyme: “Family”. (slide 4)

I have got a father.

I have got a mother.

I have got a sister.

I have got a brother

Mother, father, sister, brother.

Hand in hand with one another.

—  Checking-up the home works.  

T: What was your home task for today?

P:  New words and Ex 3 p16 (WB)

Answers: 1My. 2. His. 3. Her. 4. Their. 5. Our. 6. Her.

—  Brainstorming:

T: before starting our lesson, look at the cards. How  do  you think, what about today’s theme and what are we going to  learn today?

Look at the cards. What can  you see?  Who is he/she?

P/s: She is a sister. He is a brother. etc

Yes, you are right. You can see the members of a family.  Can  you  name theme?

  1. New theme: Open your book at p32. Step 3. The name of the lesson is Families.

   — Phonetic drill:  Today we have some new words. They are:


Жазылуы Оқылуы Аудармасы
grandfather [grænd,fa:ðə] Ата
grandmother [grænd,mʌðə] Апа, әже
father [fa:ðə] Әке
mother [mʌðə] Ана
son [sʌn] Ұлы
daughter [dɔ:tə] Қызы
brother [brʌðə] Аға
sister [sistə] Апай
parent [peərənt] Ата-ана
child [ʧaild] Бала
uncle [ʌŋkl] Аға  (анасының н/е әкесінің)
aunt [a:nt] Апай (анасының н/е әкесінің)
cousin [kʌzn] Жиен
husband [hʌzbənd] Күйеу/жолдас
wife [waif] Әйел/жолдас


Open  your  dictionaries and  write  down  today’s  new  words.

Are you written down?

Listen to me and repeat after me!

Doing exercises:

 — Listening  and Writing.

Ex 1 p32(a). Complete the sentences with  the words in the list. You’re got three minutes.

Listening and  checking:   Listen  to the CD and check  your answers.

Writing:  Ex 1 p32(b). Write about Robbie’s   family.


 — Test a friend. Can you  make  another  question  like in an example.

Who is Lucy’s mother’s sister’s  husband?   It’s Bill.

Put the question  1st group →2nd group ;    2nd group → 1st group

 -Let’s have a rest!

Hands up! Hands sides!

Hands on the hips!

Turn to the right! Turn to the left!

Fly as a bird! Swim as a fish!

Hands up! Hands sides!

Hands down! And sit down!


Reading:   Read the text.

Writing:  Complete the information.  Using the announcement.


  1. 11th November. 2. sisters, brother.             3. Lucy, Robbie.
  2. Zahrah. 5. son, daughter.               6. Zahrah , Nick.

Now open your WB at p18 Ex 1a Complete the table. -1st group.

1b. Complete the sentences- 2nd group.

III. Conclusion

 — Description of your family.

Working with photos.  I have got …

His / Her name is …

— Group  work:   Make a poster.  “Names of the members of a family ”.


IV . Assessment.

Comenting pupil’s marks.

Giving marks.


  1. Homework.

1) New words.

2) Ex 3 p 32 (SB).

Write  a description of your family.

3) Ex 3 p 18 (WB).

Extention. Members of  the family. Read Mel’s sentence. Then write true sentences for the other members of the family.

  1. Reflection. Write your reflections about today’s lesson and your suggestions for the next lessons.


The lesson is over! Thank you for your attention! You may go out, Good – bye! See you later!


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