Дюсенбиева Айдана Нурлыбеккызы
Батыс Қазақстан облысы Жаңақала ауданы Бірлік ауылы
М.Мирманов атындағы жалпы орта білім беретін мектеп
Theme: Animals
Aims: — to develop the pupils abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing.
— talking about animals
— to bring up the pupils to support their interest in English.
Visual aids: Books, pictures, cards
The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
— Greetings
— Good morning! How are you?
II. Check up the homework.
I’ll check your homework. What was the homework for today?
IV. Explaining the new theme.
Dear my pupils our today’s new theme “Animals” The first let’s read new words.
A squirrel [‘skwirǝl] тиін
A wolf  [wulf] қасқыр
A rabbit  [‘ræbit] қоян
A fox  [fɔks] түлкі
Vast  [va:st] зор, үлкен, кең
Exactly  [ig’zæktli] дәл
Fur  [fǝ:] жүн тері
Feather  [feðǝ] қауырсын
Shell  [ʃel] қабық, қауыз
Scale  [skeil] қабыршақ
Cell  [sel] клетка
Muscle [mʌsl] бұлшық ет
Nerve  [nǝ:v] жүйке
Endanger  [in’deindʒǝ] қауәпке душар ету
Rhino  [‘rainǝu] мүйізтұмсық
Rare  [rɛǝ] сирек
In danger қауіпті жағдайда
Out of danger қауіпсіз
Habitat  [‘hæbitæt] табиғи орта
Complicated  [‘kɔmplikeitid] күрделі
About animals
Our planet is home to vast collection of animals. They live everywhere.
Animals are all around us, so it is easy to think that we know exactly what animals are.
But some animals have fur or feathers, others have shells or scales, while many have no hard body parts at all. Animals often have eyes, ears and legs.
Firstly, animals’ bodies are made of lots of cells. These cells work together, like a team. Secondly, unlike plants, animals need to eat.
Animals are also the only living things that have muscles and nerves. Animals with complicated nervous systems, such as mammals and birds, react more quickly than any other living things. Such animals as the tiger, black rhino and giant panda, are now so rare that they are endangered. In just 10 or 20 years time, the only place to see them may be in zoos.


Animals are in danger for many reasons, and most of these are to do with humans. People collect animals as pets, and hunt them for food and for “fun”. They destroy their habitats, leaving the animals with nowhere to live. We must look after the animals we have left, before it is too late.

V. Doing exercises

Ex 8 Complete the chart. It should be on the board, group comes and writes down the information.








A fox

A rabbit

A wolf

A squirrel


VI. Conclusion

Task: Work in group of four. Choose the picture. Talk to your partner about this animal. You may draw a diagram.


VII. Giving home work

Complete the chart


We kill animals for that purpose



  1. Animals are used for food

  1. Animals are used for medical reasons

  1. Animals are used for “fun”

  1. Animals are hunt for their fur and feather

VIII. Making

You have worked active today.

You get a good (or excellent) marks.

IX. Conclusion

The lesson is over. You may be free. Good bye!


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