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Special People

           6 «А» сыныбында өткізген
«Special People» тақырыбындағы сабақ жоспары
Құрманбаева  Майя  Саматқызы
Атырау облысы Құрманғазы ауданы
Абай атындағы орта мектебінің
жоғары санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Good-morning ! Sit down. Now what date is it today ? What day of week is  it today ? Who is absent ?
Get ready for the lesson!
Checking of the Home-Assignment
What was your home-task ? Yes, ex-9, p-70 and grammar rule to explain. Who wants to do the ex-9 at the blackboard.
And while they are doing the exercise, one of you will explain grammar rule at the screen.

Active Vocabulary

  • Now it is time to work with our New Vocabulary. Here they are:

Now repeat after me.

    1. Read yourselves, please, begin.

    2. And now you have to find the translations of these words in your dictionary.  Are they right ?

  1. Work with the Text

  • We have looked through our vocabulary and now we may start to work with the text. “Special people”. This text is about the people which were

   written in the Guinness Book of Records.

  1. First you have to read the text yourselves. Now, read please.

  2. Are there any adjectives in the text ? What form of adjectives is it ?

  1. Information- Gap

  • Now I want to check your understanding. Our next task is “Information-

    Gap”. You have to complete gaps with the information from the text. Please,

    close your books! And write down in your copy-books.

  • Are you ready? If you are ready, please, check yourselves.

VI.  Picture  Gallery

-We  have  analyzed  the  Guinness  Book  of  Records. And  our  next  task  is  “Picture  Gallery”. There  are  some  photos  of  outstanding  people. You  have  to  find  out  who  is  who, and make  up  sentences  of  your  own  using  grammar  rule .-Now  who  is  this ?  Why  are  they  special ?

VII. Collage


— And  now  let’s  imagine ! We  are  flying  to   Almaty. And  we  have  to  stay  at  the  hotel. But we didn’t know  at  what  hotel? Let’s listen  to a  mini — text  about  hotels in Almaty. But  the  speaker  didn’t  tell  us  what  hotel  is  the  oldest, what  hotel is  the biggest, and  what  hotel is the most expensive. You have to find it out yourselves. Because it’s a logical task. Let’s listen and while listening you have to place the pictures in the right order.

— Are you ready ? If you are ready, let’s  check  yourselves.

 These  are  right  answers : The  Ankara  Hotel  is  the  most  expensive, The

 Almaty   Hotel  is  the  oldest  and  the  Kazakhstan  Hotel  is  the  biggest.

VIII. Work  with  the  computer  (individually)

  • Now it’s  time  to work  with  your  computers. Open  your  computers and  let’s  do  the  exercise  14a.

  • In  this  task  you  have  to  fill  in  the  blanks. And  these  are  adjectives: big, tall, long, little.

IX. Conclusion

— I  see  that  you  have  undertood  the   new  material. And  now  let’s  conclude

  our  lesson. These’s  your  mood at  the  lesson.

You  have  to  choose  some  pictures  and  put  them  under  these  pictures.

— If  you  like  the  task  best  of all you have  to put  it  these.

— If you like the task, but not best of all, you have to put it there.

— If you don’t like this task, you have to put it there.

X. Evaluation

— And what about your marks?

XI. Home-Assignment

  • Your home-task is ex-2, p- 73.

  • Stand up. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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