Жаркынай Масжанова

Theme:                                  Health

The main aim:                       to consolidate grammar material

Educational aim:                   to develop the pupils` abilities in speaking English

Developing aim:                   to bring up pupils to take care of their health.

Type of the lesson:               revision

I. Organization moment:      Good morning, dear boys and girls! How are you? Sit down please. Who is on duty today? What is the date today? What day is it today? Who is absent?

II. Phonetic drill:  Translate the following sentences from Kazakh into English:

1.Ол университетте оқиды.

He studies at the university.

2.Мына дәрі салқын тигенге жақсы.

This medicine is for cold.

3.Денсаулық адам үшін маңызды роль атқарады.

Health is very important for all people.

4.Менің басым ауырып тұр.

I`ve got a headache.

5.Дәрігер менің тамырымды тексерді.

The doctor felt my pulse.

III. Checking up home work.

IV. Stetting the aim:

1. Make up words with the letters and give the Russian and the Kazakh equivalents.

Deahchae – headacheбас ауруы             головная боль

Luf – flu                                  тұмау                   грипп

Taentip – patient                    емделуші             пациент

Emdiince – medicine              дәрі                      лекарство

Tochateho – toothache           тіс ауруы             зубная боль

Resorhotat – sore throat        тамақ ауруыангина

Evref – fever                          қызутемпература

Ehalht – health                       денсаулықздоровье

2. Give the antonyms

a) бас/аяқ                — head/foot

b) ауру/жазылу      — to be ill/to be well

c) салқын/ыстық    — cold/hot

d) оңай/қиын          — easy/difficult

3. Complete the diagram



Healthy food                     Unhealthy food


V. Work with the text.

1. Listen to the text

Health farm

“Thousands of teenagers are overweight”, says Health farm manager Mr. White “many teenagers often do not know how to it well and stay healthy like Karen”

Karen was 13 years old. She weight 110kilos and was 1.55m tall. Karen usually had a large bowl of cereal with a few spoons of sugar for breakfast. At school she always bought a chocolate at break time and every lunch time she fried food and she often ate a pocket of  biscuits or a box of chocolates in front of the television. She sometimes went out for a take away Chinese meal or a pizza before going to bed. Karen never ate any fruit and she rarely had fresh vegetables. Her main exercise was changing the TV channel or opening the fridge door.

Health farm helped Karen with her diet and exercise plan. She now eats lots of fresh fruitand vegetables and goes swimming regularly- she never did any sport before because she was always so worried about her size. She now weighs 60kilos and is still losing weight.

Mr. White says, “Teenagers often come to the farm depressed and with very little confidence. When they leave us they are usually happier and much more confident about themselves”.

2. Answer the questions.

a) Who is Mr. White?

b) What`s the girls name?

c) How old is she?

d) What has she for breakfast?

e) Did she eat fruit and vegetables before she went to the Health farm?

f) How many kilos does she weigh now?

VI. Short conversation.

Pupils make their own conversation about health.

Pupil:      Please, teacher may I go to the doctor. I can`t sit at the lesson any more…

Teacher:  What happen with you?

Pupil:       I have got a headache.

Teacher: Yes: if you are not well, the doctor is in the school now.

Pupil:      If the doctor sends me home?

Teacher:  If she sends you home, you will come back and tell me before you go.

Pupil:      Good morning! May I come in?

Doctor:    Yes, you may. How are you?

Pupil:       Not very good. I have got a headache.

Doctor:    Come here. I`ll examine you. Your pulse is normal, but your temperature is

high. It`s 38.8. You have got a fever. You must take these pills at the


Prescription:  Aspirin, panadol, some drinking juice, tea with lemon

Pupil:       OK! Thank you doctor. Good-bye.

Doctor:   Dear pupils, if you are healthy, you can learn and work and be active in life.

The first

—          Wash your hands before meals;

—          Keep your bodies clean;

—          Get up earlier and do morning exercises.

Have you any questions?

Pupils:    No, we have not.

Doctor:   OK! Be healthy. Good-bye!

VII. Conclusion of the grammar material.

Now we shall deal with our grammar material.

How many main tenses in English do you know?

What are they? (Past, Present, Future)

You must write 3 sentences.

VIII. Giving homework: explain how to do it. Ex.4 p.105.

IX. Giving marks: Your marks for today are…

X. Conclusion: Our lesson is over. Good-bye!


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