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Zenna’s planet

Date 05.12.15 Grade 4 В Subject English
Theme Zenna’s planet
Aims To introduce with Zenna’s planet. To train pupils’ grammar knowledge
Kind of the lesson Game lesson
Inter-subject kazakh
Expected results S will be to talk about Zenna’s planet

S will be able use grammar

The procedure of the lessons Teacher’s action Student’s action
Organization moment

1 min

— Good afternoon, children!

— How are you?

—  I am fine! Thanks.

— Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent?

— What is the date today?

— What day is it today?

Good afternoon!

We are fine! And you?

I’m on duty today

All are present

Today is the….

Today is …

Making teams

2 min

Children, you have made two teams.

The 1st team is “Jupiter” and the 2nd is “Neptune”.

Game’s rules are:

—         to keep silence

—         to clap, if you make a task

After each task, I’ll give you piece of puzzle and at the end you should make it.

1st task

3 min

“Who is faster?”

Children, do you like patters? I like them.

Let’s try to read them. I’ll give for each team patters, you should read them.

1st team


2nd team

“I wish”

S will read the patters

1 min

In last lesson we spoke about Zenna.

Now, let’s describe her?

What colour is her hair?

What colour is her uniform?

Where is he from?

S will answer
2nd task

“Describe Zenna’s planet”

4 min


Children, there you can see Zenna’s planet. You should to describe it and use these words.

For example: The mountains are pink.

1st team

short, yellow, blue, round, tall

2nd team

long, orange, red, square, green

S write the date and the theme.

S will write sentences.

Repeating the structure “to be going to”

4 min

Revision of the structure

“to be going to”

to be + going + to

I am  

going to

He/she/it is
You/we/they are

I am going to watch TV tonight.

He is going to work in summer.

We are going to meet him tomorrow.

3rd task


5 min

Children, next task is to translate sentences from Kazakh to English.

1st team

Мен ертең биге бармақпын.

Ол(қыз) жазда Астанаға бармақ.

Біз демалыста футбол ойнамақпыз.

2nd  team

Мен қыста коньки теппекпін.

Олар ертен киноға бармақ.

Ол(ұл) бүгін баскетбол ойнамақшы.

S will translate sentences
Rest time

1 min

Let’s dance with a Teddy


S will dance
4th task

“Making dialogues”

5 min

Children, for each team I’ll give sentences. You should make dialogue with them.

1st team

Anna: Home task was to read text on a page 20.

Anna: Hello!

Nick: I am going to do home task. What was our home task?

Nick: I am fine. And you?

Anna: Who are you?

Anna: Me, too. What are you doing?

Anna: Good-bye, Nick!

Nick: Hello, Anna!

Nick: Ok, thank you Anna! Good-bye!

2nd team

Tom: I am going to watch TV.

Tom: Hi, Kate!

Kate: I am going to dance. And you Kate: Hello! How are you, Tom?

Tom: Good-bye Kate?

Tom: I am good. And you?

Tom: What are you doing?


Kate: I am fine.

Kate: Ok, good-bye Tom!

S will make dialogues
5th task


6 min

Children. I’ll give for you codes you should guess them.

1st team 13.5.3./

1 A 6 I 11 R
2 B 7 J 12 S
3 E 8 L 13 T
4 G 9 N 14 U
5 H 10 P    

2nd team 5.9./ 10.4.3./

1 A 5 I 9 S
2 D 6 L 10 T
3 E 7 N 11 U
4 H 8 P 12 W
S will guess codes
6th task

“Your planet”

5 min

Children, you should draw your own planet.

You have papers and pencils.

Don’t forget call your planet.

Let’s begin!

S will draw planet

3 min


Children, you have done good work.

Let’s make your puzzle!

Today you were very active and I hope that the lesson was interesting and useful for you.

And show me your colour from “Trafic light”

S will make puzzle

S will say own opinions

S will say Good Bye!





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