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Real Conditional sentences

The theme:  Real Conditional sentences

The aim:    1. Teaching the new grammar “Real conditional sentences”

                   2. Develop pupil’s speech, memory, logic thinking, developing word source,    developing pupils outlooks, increasing interests in learning language.  

                   3. Education at pupils feeling of an esthetic. To bring up humanism, patriotism, a sense of responsibility and care of the environment.

 Visual aids:  Interactive board, cards. 

 Type of lesson: Traditional lesson.

                                            Procedure of the lesson

 Org mom:  Good morning pupils! Sit down please!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date it today?

  How did you spend your holiday?

Have you enjoyed holiday?

Review: We have started with you great theme “World around us”. And at this

quarter we’ll continue this theme. But before we’ll continue let’s review

the words connected with word and environment by doing tasks.

Look at the board!

1st task.   Let’s match Kazakh words with  English ones

1 Қорғау                                           a   resource

2 жер                                                 b   protect

3 қор                                                 c    industry

4 жануарлар                                     d   energy

5 зиян келтіру                                  e    Earth

6 күш қуат                                        f    animals

7 жер шары                                       g    land

8 өндіріс                                            h   environment

9 қоршаған орта                                i   drinkable

10 топырақ                                           j   pollution

11 ішуге жарамды                               k  soil

12 ластану                                            l   damage

2nd task.  Work with picture.

3rd task. Work with cards.

Phrase the words

drinkable  –  nature                     plant        –  pollution

save          –  problem                  industry   –  trees

ecology    –  animal                     land         –  development

kill           –  water

lower degree task.   Find lagging letters!

min_ral                                          petr_l

poll_tion                                        ptr_tect

en_rgy                                           an_mals

nat_ral                                           dan_er

wa_er                                             ec_logy

 New lesson:  Ok, let’s begin new lesson. The theme of the lesson “Real conditional sentences”.  There are 2 types of conditional sentences in English language. They are Real conditionals and Unreal conditionals.

Conditional sentences

(Шартты сөйлем) : Real conditional  (Іске асатын)  ,

Unreal conditional(Іске аспайтын)

Today I will introduce you with Real conditional sentence. Real conditional expresses the real or possible situations and probable result that can happen in the future.

Giving other examples

!  If the subordinate clause comes first, we’ll put comma.

When the main clause comes first, the comma is not needed

Let’s listen to the music. The using of real conditional sentence in the song.

Doing exercises:  Look at the board and translate sentences.

1. If they study ecology, they’ll be able to help the environment.

2. If water and soil are polluted, the plants won’t grow.

3. If we protect our natural recourses, we’ll be richer.

4. If oil resources of our country end, we’ll live worse than we live now.

4th task. Work with book.

5th  task. Look at the board and make sentences.

If Ben goes to Aktau, he will swim at the sea.

If Ben goes to Astana, he will see the Baiterek.

If Ben goes toLondon, he will see the Big Ben and the riverThames

If Ben goes to the mountains, he will climb to the mountain.

If Ben goes to the forest, he will see wild animals.

6th  task. Work with book. Ex III at p 63,  make up sentences.

7th task. Fill in gaps.

  1. If we hurry, We’ll get there on time.

a) hurry              b) Hurries                 c) doesn’t hurry

2.  If we ____ the flowers, they’ll die.

a) don’t water     b) doesn’t water       c) waters

3.  If she ____ ill, she’ll go to the doctors

a) feel                  b) feels                    c) don’t feel

4.  I will make you sandwich if you _____ hungry.

a) aren’t              b) is                         c) are

5.  If you smoke, you _____ damage your lungs.

a) will                 b) won’t                   c) don’t

8th task. Make negative forms.

  1. If you help me, I will help you.

If you don’t help me, I won’t help you.

If they work hard, I will pay them

  1. If she comes early, she’ll go to the cinema.

9th  task. Make question forms

  1. If he goes to Astana, he will see the Baiterek

Will he see the Baiterek if he goes to Astana?

What will he see if he goes to Astana?

If I don’t tidy my room, my mum will be angry.

  1. If she has enough money, she will buy new book.

Giving home tasks: Write 6 sentences in real conditional.


 Conclusion:    The lesson is over. Good bye!

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