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Last weekend

Theme:    Last weekend.

Grade: 6th

Grammar: The Past  Simple with question words

Objectives :

Educational: to present new words and expressions concerning on the theme and practise them in pupils’ speech, to introduce The Past  Simple with question words

Developing: to develop pupils’ oral and written communication skills and habits, to improve pronunciation and translation skills and abilities, to motivate self – study and group work.

Bringing – up: to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect to each other.

The equipments: interactive board, flipcharts, cards, illustrated pictures, “Bingo” cards, diagram, placards.

Literature: a textbook and workbook by T. Ayapova

The type of the lesson: getting new information

Visual Aids:    pictures, cards, poster

  The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

-Good afternoon, pupils.

— Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent?

-What day is it today?

-What date is it today?

-All of you here? Who is absent?

 II. Warm – up:

Betty Bottle bought a bit of butter

But she bought a bit of bitter butter.

Then she bought some better butter

But where’s the bit of bitter butter Betty Bottle bought?

 III. Checking the home task

Exercise  9 age p 36


IV. New material:  

The Past  Simple with question words

Сұраулы сөйлем

Past Simple шағының сұраулы түрі did көмекші етістігі арқылы жасалады. Көмекші етістік бастауыштан бұрын тұру керек.

Мысалы: What did you do yesterday?

Арнаулы сұрақтар: What? Who? When? Where? Whose? Whom? Why? What time?



what          [wot]   не

who           [hu]     кім

when         [wen]   қашан

where        [weәl]  қайда

whose       [hu:z]   кімнің

whom        [hum] кіммен

why           [wai]   неге

what time  [wot taim]   нешеде

 VI. New text:

Exercise 2 page 36 – To read the text

VII. Doing exercises:

Exercise 3 page 37

1.Where did you go yesterday?

2.What did you do yesterday?

3. Who did you play with?

4. What time did you come home?


Exercise 4 page 37

Where did you go? – I went to TC “Aktau”.

What did you see? – I saw a lot of interesting things.

Who did you go with? – I went with my sister.

What time did you go there? – I went there at 6.30


Exercise 5  page 37 – in oral form


Exercise 7 page 35

Susan                         Robert                                   Kate                                       Dick

did the shopping        was very lazy              went to a wedding                 went sailing

stayed at home           worked in the garden             visited friend in city

watched TV               went to the cinema

did the housework

played football


Exercise 8 page 38

1.Where did Dick go?

2.What did Robert’s wife do?

3. Who did work in the garden?

4. Why did Robert stay at home?

5. When Susan visit her parents?


Exercise 10  page 38

a)Where were you born?

b)When was your mother born?

c) When did you start school?

d) How many schools did you go to?

e) Did you go to the Kindergarten?

f)What was your favourite cartoon when you were a child?


VIII. Home-task:

Exercise  9, 12  page 38


IX. Marks

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