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Sports in Kazakhstan and in my life

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Айтеке би кенты ,
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266 мектеп-лицей,
Хасанова Асем Хажмуратовна
1.The theme: Unit 1,step 6.Sport in Kazakhstan and in my life.

2.The aims and objectives of the lesson:
a.to develop aims and objectives;
1.to develop the student’s individual differences
2.to direct the student’s attention to creative thinking,reading and writing
3.to develop the student’s intellectual activity
b.the practical aims and objectives:
1.to get information about sport
2.to consolidate the students’ knowledge on the theme
3.to preare the students to communicate complemently
c.the educational aims and objectives;
1.to direct the students’ interest in sport
2.to develop the students’ mental intelligence
3.The type: Presentation
4.The kind: mixed
5.The method:The communicative approach and the elements of RWCT,reading
6.Teaching techniques: paired reading,ask and answer,talking the questions,matching ,offering,speaking
7.Teaching materials: an interactive board,sheets of paper

                                            Procedure of the lesson
I.Organization moment:
-Asking about day,date,the weather and absent pupils.

II.Warm up.
T-Dear boys and girls! I am very glad to see you at our lesson because we have
an unusual lesson. I think you’ll enjoy it. At the beginning of the lesson  we
have association on the theme”SPORT”
Record     result      skiing     trainer                                                                                    Prize                         sport               boxing                                                                 Score        wrestling    chess                running goal                                                      Gate player   basketball  winter sports  skater

T-You must divide these words into two categories:
Kinds of sports;     Sports words;
III.Checking up home task.
T-What was your home work?
P-Our homework was to write 5 sentences about your favourite sport.
T-That’s o’key.Who would like to speak? Now,please.
IV.Presentation of the new material
1.Explaining the theme and state the aims of the lesson together with pupils.
2.Introduction of the new words
a good shape-жақсы пішін
fit-дені сау,жарамды
amateur-әуесқой спортшы
entertainment-көңіл көтеру
T-Open your vocabulary copy books and write down the new words
V.Read the text “Sports in Kazakhstan and in my life’’
T-Now,pupils I’II divide the text into two parts, the fist table read the text from “Sport” before “amateur”
The second table read the text from “There are” before ‘Wimbledon”
T-Let’s begin reading loudly.
1. Exercise 1. Answer the questions.
1.What does sport help people to do?
2.What sports are popular in the Republic of Kazakhstan?
3.Do our sportsmen participate in international tournaments?
4.Where can amateur go in for sports?
5.What is your favourite sport?
Exercise 2.Complete the sentences.
1.Many …..are popular in Kazakhstan.(sports)
2.For many people……. .(sport is the main form of entertainment)
3.Thousands of people go to ….. .(the stadium to support and fans)
4.There different sporting societies and ….. .(amateur clubs in the
Republic of Kazakhstan)
5.Kazakhstan sportsmen have won ….. .(a great number of world
Records in gymnastics,judo,wrestling,athletics)
6.International and national competitions ….. .(attract many fans)
7.Horse racing is very ….. .(popular in Kazakhstan)
8.My friend dreams of …… .(playing tennis at Wimbledon)
9.I also go in for …..(tennis court near my house)
10.My favourite kind of sport is… .(tennis)
2.. Exercise 2 read the text “ Wimbledon-an Unusual Club”.
 VII. Conclusion.
T-I hope you got more information about sports. Who wants to tell me in which does she/he like?
T-Now,we came to the conclusion.
P1-Sport promotes peace.
P2-Sport is an interesting activity
P3-Sport keeps your fit.
P4Sport builds friendship.
P5-Sport brings you to other countries
P6-Sport is hard work.
P7-Sport good health.We think that health is better than wealth.
T- Your homework is write a short story about sport in your life.
T- Thank you very much for your participation .


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