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Join the Smile Club.

Ақтөбе облысы,Шалқар қаласы

 №2 мектеп-гимназияның

 ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

Қасенова Гүлшара Қүзембайқызы


The work out the 5 a form.

The theme: Join the Smile Club.

I.Objectives:1.taking new theme and grammar,revise the vocabulary

2.develop pupils’ reading,writing habits and skills,pratise grammar,motivate

and  stimulate pupils’ ideas.

3.bring up their interests by doing various types of exercises,respect each

other’s opininons,troughts.

Language material: Join the Smile Ciub. Exercises  1,2,3,4.p 33-35

Visual aids:  Interactive board,cards.

The methods: group and individual work,guestion and answer.

The type: new lesson

Intersubjective link:  Kazakh,music

               The outline of the lesson.

І. Organisation moment

ІІ.Checking up the home task

ІІІ Presentation of the new lesson

ІV Practise. Grammar and vocabulary

V Production .Text

VІ Conclusion

VІІ Home work

VІІІ Marks

The procedure of the lesson.

ІOrganisation moment

Greeting with the pupils

ІІ.Checking up the home work

1.revision of the vocabulary


Next week-

Next month-


Pupils what is the weather like today?

Today is sunny and warm.

  1. Text “Louis Braille
  2. What was the story about?
  3. What was the boy’s name?
  4. What happened to Louis?
  5. What kind of school did he go?
  6. What did he invent.

He invented letters from dots.

He was very talented boy.

ІІІ. Presentation of the new lesson.

  1. Now,pupils Let’s solve the crossword.

1.What is the antonym of the cloudy

2  жылы

3 we  take umbrellas wite you

4 What is the antonym of the sunny

5 Жарқырау.

S u n n y
w a r m
r a i n
c l o u d y
s h i n e


What word in the bottom of  the crossword.



What comes to your mind when you hear this word?

Het’s associall

Heal the food                                     clean

Toothrush                    Smile




Right,we think about clean teeth if we have clean teeth,we’ll smile.

Today, we go and join the Smile club.

We’ll see and follow their advise to take care of our teeth

3.But before we must take our Grammar

Today’s our Grammar is Modal verb “should and shouldn’t”

We use the modal  verb  “should and shouldn’t

When we give someone advice (ақыл кеңес)

It is translated into kazakh (жөн)

With all pronouns it will be

I                                             We

He          Should                         You

She        Shouldn’t                    They



For example:  You should come in time

You shouldn’t be late

4.Look at the pictures,Let’s read and translate.Exercise 1.

  1. You shouldn’t eat sweets.
  2. You shouldn’t drink sweet drinks
  3. You should drink more milk

4     You should go to the dentist

5     You should see dentist twice a year.

5.Join  the smile Club Rules.Let’s write

1.You should always use a good toothbush

  1. You should see dentist twice

3.You should brush teeth twice a day

4 You should drink milk

5 You shouldn’t eat sweets

6 you shoudn’t drink sweet drinks

We must follow their advise and their rule

  1. OK, let’s play game

Game 7a

  1. Pupils tell me please what food is good for our teeth?

Len’s remember pronouns

Much, many, a lot of.

Much-uncountable nouns

Many-countable nouns

A lot of –uncountable,countable nouns..

Exercise 1.Put much and many and write the sentence with should.

You shouldn’t eat much sugar

You  shouldn’t eat many sweets.

  1. Make up sentences using much,many.

Becky eats many apples

Becky doesn’t eat much cheese

Becky drinks eat many bisueit

Becky eats mane ice carrots

9.We’ve known  about Becky what about you.

10.Let’s sing a song  “Heathy food for smile

V .Production.Text.

Exercise 1.Read

І. Translate

  1. 5 минутқа күніне 2 немесе 3 рет тісіңді тазалағаның жөн.

2.You shukd choge your tooth brush every months

3.Тіс щеткасымен жайлап жоғары,төмен үйкелегенің жөн.

4.You shoud brush down on the top teeth

5.Түптегі тістеріңді.

  1. You shouldn’t brush from side to side.

7.жидек жегенің жөн

8.You should go to a dentist twice year.Pupils of you follou all these

Advice your teeth will be healthy and clan

І.want to conclude me lesson winh the song «Brush your teeth»

VІ. Home task Ex.1,2.write.

Learn by heart «Drinking fountain»








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