My parents

«№ 5 көру қабілеті бұзылған балалардың арнайы (түзету) мектеп-интернаты»

коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесі

  Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі:     Калдыбаева Ж

The theme of the lesson:  My parents

The aim of the lesson: Тақырып негізінде диалогтік сөйлесу дағдыларын дамыту, жаңа сөздермен таныстыру. Present Simple-  шағының хабарлы сөйлемде қолданылуын үйрету. Ағылшын тіліне қызығушылықтарын арттыру. Ойлау, есте сақтау қабілеттерін  дамыту.   Көру қалдығын сақтау.

Visual aids: cards, books, pictures

Type of the lesson: New lesson

The outline of the lesson:

  1. a) organization moment:

-Good morning, children!

Good morning, good morning, to you

Good morning good morning

We are glad to see you!

-Sit down please! I am too glad to see you!

-Now, open your exercise book and write the date of today.

The 28 th of September. Today is Wednesday.

Checking up the homework:

— What was your homework?

           Exercise 7. page 44

       My father is a _kind________.

    My mother is a __beautiful.________.

   My sister is a __student__________.

   My brother is a ___bank manager________.

Phonetic drill exercises

      Young       beautiful

      tall           thin               nice

          My family                                 

                                My parents


               Mother                                                           Father

     Present Simple: to be        To be (болу) етістігінің осы шақтағы (Present Simple) формасы. Хабарлы сөйлемде төмендегі формаларда қолданылады:

I am

He is

She is                      from Kazakhstan.

It is

                                                  I am not

                                                 He is not

                                                She is not                        from Russia.

                                               It is not



You                   are             from Kazakhstan.



                               You          are not           from Russia.


           Exercise 2. Listen to the text about Omar`s father and mother.

  1. His name is Bolat. He is thirty-five. He comes from Almaty in Kazakhstan but now he lives in Washington D.C. He is an ambassador. He works at the Embassy. He works eight hours a day. It`s really hard but he loves his job. Every day he get`s up at 7.30.  he goes to work by car. He speaks four languages: Kazakh, Russian, French and English. He likes playing tennis in his free time. In winter he goes skiing.
  2. Her name is Balzhan. She is thirty –two. She comes from Astana but now she lives in Washington D.C. She is a housewife. She studies French at the languages school five times a week. She get`s up at 7 o`clock. She goes to school on foot. She speaks three languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and a little French.  She does yoga every day. She has no free time.

                                                         D.C – District of Columbia

   Exercise 3 read the text and complete the sentences about Bolat and Balzhan

  1. He is an ambassador. She is a housewife.
  2. She ___is___ a He __works___ at the Embassy.
  3. He get`s up at 7.30. She __get`s up_____at 7 o`clock.
  4. She __goes_____ to the language school on foot. He goes to work by car.
  5. He speaks four languages. She speaks three languages.
  6. She ___has__ no free time. He _likes playing tennis in his free time.




Eyes exercises


New words   Parents- ата –ана

Free time— бос уакыт

Languages — тілдері

Housewife— уй шаруасындағы әйел

Ambassador — елші

Берілген сөйлемдерді болымсыз түрге айналдыр

She speaks Spanish. —She doesn`t speak Spanish.

I have a brother. — I haven`t a brother

They play tennis. — They don`t play tennis.

Marks —-

Homework.  Exercise 7 page 48 put the words in the correct column.  

The end of the lesson

Well done children, today. Good bye children.


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