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Ағылшын тілінен НКТ тестері

1.Text Disastrous Journey

1.From Gaalicia to Tarragona

2.The satnav took them to the door of their friends

3.Following the instructions they lost their way

4.Because her husband wanted to follow its instructions

5.They had left their dog in café


2.Text Last School Party it was

1.In the school hall

2.Classmates party clothes

3.Because she missed previous years

4.Not to be very noisy

5.She was tired


3..Text Many people worked to television

1.The United States

2.Alexander Graham Bell


4.Made for the time


4..Текст read the text Humans

1.They struggle to survive difficult conditions.

2.They use the small brunches from the trees to build nests.

3.They record and learn from the events

4.To learn more


5.Text: The Beach Boys

1.Five members

2.Surf culture

3.Good vibration

4.They could compete with The Beatles

5.They have had 36 songs in the Top 40


6.Text Useful Innovative

1.To clean the planet from useless bottles

2.To get information about bars restaurants

3.She throught of children’s health

4.Frozen desserts are healthy food

5.It suggests different people’s innovative ideas


7.Text Unfavorable Accident People

1.In banks

2.He had left the money in the pocket

3.She had a way of doing it

4.He believed to get his fifty-dollar money order

5.They were perfectly cleaned


8.Text The Case for the Defence it

1.In Northwood Street

2.He was too ugly to forget him

3.A person from Laurel Avenue

4.They hadn’t forgotten the murderer

5.Through death penalty


9.Text Dodo

1.Shortage of appropriate food

2.We could save the dodo alive

3.Natural disasters

4.We don’t have anything left from the Dodo

5.Something that no longer exist


10.Text Useful Innovative

1.To clean the planet from useless bottles

2.To get information about bars restaurants

3.She throught of children’s health

4.Frozen desserts are healthy food

5.It suggests different people’s innovative ideas




2.A man and womanдұрыс емес

3.There is a lack of understanding of the culture norms

4We can avoid cases of wrong communication having  awareness5.having of the possible differences in expedition behaviour



1.To be deceived and get inperfect goods.

2.The importance of  genetic and Mendel’s researchs

3.A group of people with the same interests

4.There is one allele for each gene


13.Dangerous infection

1.very carefully, so that noting is missed.


3.1and 2

4.Cholera was said to spread by air.

5.exact time when the disease was overcome

Social media

1.consumerism the buy nothing trend


3.There appeared such trends as to buy nothing

4.Clothes or electrical goods.

5.the trend buy nothing started in the USA


1.It can be difficult for humans to control sugar eating habits.

2.To like to eat sweet foods

3.Linking words

4.Consumerism-the buy nothing trend

5.Average year’s earnings

6.There appeared such trends as to buy a lot and to buy nothing

7.Clothes or electrical goods

8.The trend buy nothing started in the USA



  1. Gabriela was frustrated because

She didn’t feel respect

  1. The text is mainly about

Cultural clashes while working

2 Which statement is Not true New Gabriela’s staff were not used to making decision democratically

  1. Hierarchical framework is when

Team leader and manager take control and give specific instruction

  1. According to the text Gabriela faced a challenge in managing because of

           Hierarchical framework

17.Children can spend

1.Many children don’t inform their parents about health problems.

2.their gadgets to be taken away

3.5and 6

4.Screen time for children

5.puropse rules


18.Wall street

1.Financial life is concentrated in wall street

2.Last paragraph

3.present simple passive

4.prevent from

5.are too tall building


19.Black hole

1.The definition of the “edge”

2.The title for the second paragraph

3.If the sun were ever to become a black hole there would.

4.Time in black holes.



1.six years old

2.admire somebody or something

3.Desease and poverty

  1. in 1791

5.in Austria



1.The effects of hurricanes

2.The strength of a wind



5.The word hurricane is used it the Americans


22.You may have have heard


2.The types of migration


4.better jobs

5.You may know people who have emigrated to another country



1.plant eating dinosaur was less than ten metres tall

  1. where one can hardly notice a great biodiversity

3.how the city surface was affected by climate change

4.Dinosaur’s longevity

5.An animal or plant from the past that has been preserved


24.The sharing economy

1.get profit sharing underused items

2.Uber offers people to use their cars like taxis

3.Some businesses are able to sell their products without  taxes

4.Selling unwanted goods can lead to a bigger impact on our environment

5.To be deceived and get imperfect goods


His family H. Shliemann

1.His family

2.Not in accordance with principles or methods

3.HenrichShlieman had excavation in Turkey

4.HenrichShleman found Troy

5.Tended to lie


Video games

  1. what is the main purpose of this article?

1b. to predict future developments in the video game industry

  1. in what way have the people who play video games changed in recent years?
  2. the average age of gamers has risen.
  3. why might future computer games be more popular with middle-aged people?
  4. because they will not require them be familiar with traditional games consoles.
  5. what does the writer suggest businesses should do in the final paragraph?

D.advertise their products while people play a video game


Big city

1-To the city centre

2-have plenty of public transport

3-the number of vehicles

4-shift the majority of important places of the city centre


Work life balance

1 they don’t work from home

2 Jo works less now and gets more money

3 people with different working conditions

4 to work for other freelancers

5 is self employed

The Pyramid of Giza

1 A place where a dead person is buried

2 the Giza less than 10 pyramids

3 Purpose of building the pyramid of Hellm

4 Geographical journal

5 make readers about facts































































































































































What was their most successful single?

  1. A) international hit
  2. B) Good Vibration
  3. C) Pet Sounds
  4. D) first album
  5. E) the Beatles

What was the greatest achievement of the band?

  1. A) theyhad 40 songs
  2. B) they have had 36 songs in the Top 40
  3. C) they are America’s greatest band
  4. D) theyreleasedfivealbums
  5. E) they have sold about 100 million records.

What facts proved their popularity?

  1. A) the all used to surf
  2. B) theyhad 40 songs
  3. C) they are not playing now
  4. D) they could compete with The Beatles
  5. E) they released five albums

What was as popular as the Beach Boys in California at that time?

  1. A) their international hit
  2. B) their single Good Vibration
  3. C) album Pet Sounds
  4. D) their first album
  5. E) surf culture

How many members were there originally in The Beach Boys?

  1. A) five members B) three members C) eight members D) six members
  2. E) nine members

Text  Disastrous journey.

What happened to them on the way to the final destination?

  1. A) her husband was very happy with his new satnav
  2. B) they had met their other friends
  3. C) their car had been broken
  4. D) theyobeyedthesatnav
  5. E) following the instructions they had lost their way

What fact proves that the first part of the journey was fine?

  1. A) they wanted to see their friends
  2. B) the satnav took them to the door of their friends
  3. C) they saw their friends for the first time
  4. D) it was a planned journey
  5. E) they bought satnav to help them.

What was the other problem they had during the journey?

  1. A) they couldn’t drink coffee
  2. B) they had left their dog in the café
  3. C) they didn’t have any problems
  4. D) they couldn’t meet their friends
  5. E) they had lost their dog.

What was the route of the journey?

  1. A) from Galicia to Tarragona B) from Galicia to Spain
  2. C) to Tarragona D) from Alicante to Galicia

Why did she say that the satnav was his new toy?

Because her husband wanted to follow its instructions.

Choose the appropriate article.

There was . . . serious fire in . . . . block of flats in Glasgow last night.

  1. A) a/the B) -/a C) a/a  D) the/a  E) the/the

Complete the idiom with suitable key word.

I wasn’t really sure, I guessed it, it was just a . . . in the dark.

  1. A) pie B) shock C) stick  D) shot  E) ocean

An appropriate preposition. Young people . . . need to get more involved in politics.

  1. A) himself B) myself C) themselves  D) yourself   E) theyself

Find negative adjective which fits the following definition. Means unable to read or write —. A) immature B) inlitarate  C) capable  D) illiterate  E) literacy

Find phrases where the is pronounced as [€i]

  1. A) the end B) the sun C) the other way  D) the cinema  E) the worlds

Match the idioms with its meaning. You are a pain in the neck.

  1. A) interesting person B) a difficult person C) an attractive person  D) easy-going person  E) painful person

Replace the underlined words with an idiom.

can’t decide about that job in Paris.A) am in two minds  B) would like  C) dream  D) am thinking  E) make a decision

Replace underlined word with its opposite. She is always

  1. A) misobedient B) disobedient C) overobedient  D) inobedient  E) notobodient

Choose an appropriate ending for an adjective “good — ”

  1. A) tempered B) hearted C) skilled  D) warmed  E) headed

Change the words in brackets with an appropriate one. This film has been very (produced a lot) in recent years.

  1. A) produce B) productive C) productivity  D) producing  E) production

The correct proverb. Last year I worked very hard at my Math and English. I spent all my time reading and preparing for my entrance exams. My motto was: . . .

  1. A) No pains, no gains
  2. B) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
  3. C) Speech is silver but silence is gold
  4. D) Better short of pence than short of sense
  5. E) Look before you leap

Complete the sentence with an appropriate degree of adjective.

Appropriate degree of adjective. A motorbike is . . . a scooter. A) the most powerful  B) most powerful  C) as powerful  D) powerful  E) more powerful than

Match the number with its writing 2 3/4A) two and three four B) two and third fourthC) two third fourD) two and three fourth E) two three fourth

I love watching fireworks, but the noise sometimes makes . . .

  1. A) our B) me C) their  D) his  E) my

An appropriate pronouns. . . . ‘s the doctor. . . . daughter is in this class.

  1. A) she/her B) we/our C) he/himself  D) they/their  E) we/their  F) it/its  E) she/we

Appropriate degree of adjective. I am afraid the box is . . . to carry.

  1. A) more heavy B) the heaviest C) most heavy  D) too heavy  E) heavier

An appropriate preposition. The overnight rise . . . Wall Street was not maintained. A) in  B) on  C) at  D) for  E) to

Choose an appropriate variants to read a sum: 8×7=

  1. A) Eight seventh are fifty sixB) Eighth times seven is fifty sixC) Eighth seventh are fifty six D) Eight times seven is fifty sixE) Eight to seven is fifty six.

Complete the sentence with suitable verb form from the list below:

Layla gave up . . . when she had a baby.

model B) modeling  C) smoking  D) to model  E) smoke

An appropriate reported verb. She … … me that she would be home late.

  1. A) beg of B) mentioned to C) assumed  D) asked of  E) argued with

Find the sentence with the Complex Object.

  1. A) Put on a thicker coat. I don’t want you to catch cold.
  2. B) I am afraid to catch cold
  3. C) He was in love with another woman
  4. D) We want to invite you to the party
  5. E) Please, put on a thicker coat.

Correct conditional form. If had known about the job I would have applied.

  1. A) mixed conditional
  2. B) second conditional
  3. C) first conditional
  4. D) third conditional
  5. E) zero conditional

An appropriate degree of adjective. Who dresses …… in your family?

  1. A) the most stylishly B) stylishly than C) as stylish as  D) most stylishly  E) more stylishly than

Choose an appropriate reported speech sentence “I have found my keys!

  1. A) She announced that she had found her keys
  2. B) She announced that she found her keys
  3. C) She announced she has found her keys
  4. D) She announced that she found her keys
  5. E) She announced she have found her keys.

Match the numbers with its writing:5.

  1. A) twenty eight and five
  2. B) twenty eighth point five
  3. C) twenty eight point fifth
  4. D) twenty eight point five
  5. E) twenty eight five

Choose the correct answer. I don’t approve of them . . . late.

  1. A) to be B) being C) are  D) be  E) is being

The correct reading of 2.235.

  1. A) two thousand two hundreds and thirty-five
  2. B) two thousand and two hundred and thirty-five
  3. C) two thousand two hundred and thirty-five
  4. D) two thousands two hundreds and thirty-five
  5. E) two thousand two hundreds and thirtieth-five

Find the sentence with the Complex Subject.

  1. A) We want to invite you to the party
  2. B) She was heard to laugh heartily
  3. C) He was in love with another woman
  4. D) I am afraid to catch cold
  5. E) Please put on a thicker coat

Choose verbs after which infinitive with to is followed by . . .

  1. A) enjoy B) refuse C) prepare  D) dread  E) aim  F) manage

An appropriate reported verb. Liz . . . us that we should come after lunch.

  1. A) asked B) demanded C) wanted  D) agreed  E) suggested to

An appropriate prepositions. I never argue . . . my husband . . . money.

  1. A) with/about B) in/at C) of/for  D) for/on  E) to/for

Find the sentence with the Complex Subject.

  1. A) The river is supposed to flow in this direction
  2. B) Do you want to make a speech
  3. C) We have been waiting for you the whole day
  4. D) I tried to introduce him to my family
  5. E) There is no harm in letting you know.

The correct pronoun is I drink hardly . . . coffee. I just don’t like it.

  1. A) some B) many C) a few  D) a little  E) any

Find the odd word from the list below:

  1. A) friends B) braces C) tongs  D) handcuffs  E) leggings

Don’t laugh . . . my work. I am doing my best.

  1. A) with B) at C) of  D) for  E) to

An appropriate preposition. I read the paper . . . the taxi on the way.

  1. A) in B) on C) at  D) for  E) to

John sat down on . . . bench nearest to the monument.

  1. A) — B) an C) one  D) a  E) the

“Would you like to come on a picnic with us?”

  1. A) He invited us to come on a picnic with them
  2. B) He invited us to have come on a picnic with them
  3. C) He invited us came on a picnic with them
  4. D) He asked us to come on a picnic with him
  5. E) He invited us to come on a picnic with they

Jack hurt his arm . . . volleyball.

  1. A) playingB) has played C) played D) plays  E) is playing

You wouldn’t treat me like this if you really liked me.

  1. A) third conditional
  2. B) zero conditional
  3. C) second conditional
  4. D) first conditional
  5. E) mixed conditional

Find sentences with participle adjectives.

  1. A) We hired a designed team based in Singapore
  2. B) I grew up in a car – making town
  3. C) The public square was lined with trees
  4. D) Tom’s a builder who works for himself
  5. E) The town in which I grew up made cars
  6. F) It was a record-breaking performance
  7. G) It was a long-lasting dispute

She’s just moved from her flat . . . 38 Azalea Drive.

  1. A) to B) on C) for  D) in  E) at

We go to … theatre about once … month.

  1. A) -/- B) the/the C) a/the  D) -/a  E) the/a

Find the sentence with the Complex Object.

  1. A) There are oak trees on the bank of the river
  2. B) I didn’t like the film, it was boring
  3. C) I felt the blood rush into my cheeks
  4. D) I looked out of the window
  5. E) I felt somebody was coming

Find the sentence with the Complex Subject.

  1. A) Please put on a thicker coat
  2. B) She was the best in her group
  3. C) We are sure to come to the heart of the matter
  4. D) I saw him entering the shop
  5. E) He was in love with another woman.

An appropriate order for adjectives. Have you seen this . . . invention? 

  1. A) fantastic, new, German
  2. B) German, new, fantastic
  3. C) German, fantastic, new
  4. D) fantastic, German, new
  5. E) new, fantastic, German

Find the correct noun: A) slow B) rainbowC) how  D) now  E) new  F) know

Crew is often used for the staff of . . . A) an ambulance B) a planeC) a school  D) an engineers  E) a hospital

. . . women usually talk more than . . . men. A) a/the B) -/a  C) the/a  D) the/theE) -/-

She was . . . ashamed to admit her mistake. A) tooB) enough C) as … as  D) the most  E) more

Among my family members, my mum is . . . driver. A) good B) as good as  C) better than  D) more better  E) the best

I generally get my salary . . . the fifth of the month. A) onB) to C) of  D) in  E) at

There is . . . Dr. Kenneth Perch on . . . phone. A) -/theB) a/a C) the/-  D) a/the  E) the/a

Find a vulgar fraction: 7/9

  1. A) seven and ninth B) seven ninthC) seven and nine D) seven nine  E) seventh nine

Choose the correct answer. Look at that . . . window. A) broke B) is broken  C) brokenD) to break  E) has broken

Compile the correct word order to make an affirmative sentence. 1234567891011

/my saw with Bill car he new when green was envy/

  1. A) 8421756109311 B) 8942751011631 C) 5281014793611  D) 8245631011917  E) 2351879101164

. . . love watching fireworks, but the noise sometimes makes . . . nervous.

  1. A) you/us B) we/our C) I/meD) we/usE) they/their F) she/her  G) he/him   H) I/my

My sister . . . a motorcycle and sidecar. A) used to ownB) would have own C) was owning  D) used to owning  E) would own

Find the sentence with the Complex object. A) We knew that he is very brave B)We knew him as a brave person C) He is known as a brave man  D) I’ve known him since my childhood

E)We knew him to be very brave

I caught a later train because I . . . a client. A) have to see B) would see  C) must have seen

  1. D) had to seeE) could see

Are you talking now about . . . John Smiths who led . . . LabourParty. A) -/theB) -/a C) the/the  D) a/a  E) the/a

He is thought . . . a very good singer. A) was B) to beC) had been D) is being E) have been

If it was snowing, we . . . at home.

A)would have stayed  B) stayed  C) would stayD) have stayed  E) stay

The manager let us … early on Fridays. A) leave B) coming C) to come D) leaving E) will leave.

Find the participle construction sentence from the list below.

  1. A) Realize there was no one at home and left the parcel in the shed
  2. B) Realizing no one at home and left the parcel in the shed
  3. C) I realize there was no one at home so I left the parcel in the shed
  4. D) Realizing there was no one at home I left the parcel in the shed
  5. E) I left the parcel in the shed because there was no one at home

Find the correct sentence with for – to – infinitive phrase.

  1. A) It is not interesting for me

B)It is important to take care

  1. C) It is very important for children to play outdoors
  2. D) I have been waiting for you three hours

E)I don’t ask for any help

Match the number with its writing. 62.3% of adults have false teeth. A) sixty two point third percent B) sixty two three percent  C)sixty two and three percent

  1. D) sixty two point three percentE) sixty second point three percent

He drives . . . carefully than his girlfriend. A) much B) as…as C) moreD) most E) the most

We visited the village . . . my mum was born. A) that B) those  C) what  D) where  E) their

Andrew came round to my flat . . . he could.A) as quickly as B) quicker  C) quickly  D) more quickly  E) most quickly

1/6A) one six B) a sixthC) sixth  D)sixth one  E) one sixth

I don’t like rats, and you? — . . . A) I don’t like too B) Neither I do  C) So do I  D) Neither do IE) So I do

There were tears streaming down . . . side of her face.

  1. A) all B) some C) every  D) eachE) any

The play is likely . . . by Shaw. A) to have written B) to have been writtenC) wrote  D) to write  E) to be written

I . . . with my parents if I didn’t have to . . . A) have lived B) would liveC) will live  D) am living  E) live

I’ve lost . . . earrings last week. A) her B) my  C) his  D) our  E) theirs

Find the sentence with Gerundial construction.

  1. A) My electric shower is not working
  2. B) He admitted sorry to keep you waiting for a long
  3. C) The children are making such a noise
  4. D) A child should start to learn a language at primary school
  5. E) I regret being unable to help you

Match the number with its writing. 10.3.A) ten point three B) three tenth  C) ten and three  D) ten third  E) ten to three

Choose an appropriate modal verb to complete the sentence.I was so tired, I………slept for a week. A)could have

Choose correct answer of proverb. All state and nothing  a) on the plate

2x-3y-z=3z/4z reads in English A)3x divided by 4xB) Three x over four y

An appropriate conditional form. The girl will get into trouble if she . . . her uniform

  1. A) doesn’t wear..B) didn’t wear C) isn’t wearing  D) hasn’t wear  E) wears

An appropriate order for adjectives. She gave me a … box.

  1. A) small, square, metal, jewelry B) jewelry, metal, small, square C) metal, small, square, jewelry D) small, metal, jewelry, square, E)square, small, metal, jewelry

I enjoyed 1st novel, so…….new are……. be good. A)the/might

A new route … between Moscow and Paris.

  1. A) is creating B) has created C) will create D) has been created E) create

An appropriate preposition. Don’t worry; the exam will be over … a couple of hours.

  1. A) to B) for C) at  D) on  E) in

Was it really necessary? You … tell the police, you know

  1. A) couldn’t B) have to C) mustn’t D) wouldn’t  E) can not

She bet that Peter wouldn’t be on time. A) promised B) believed C) asked D) wanted E) predicted

The castle was built … the 14 century. A) during B) out C) at  D) by  E) over

SynonymTake your things to the cash-desk to pay for them. A) pay in cash B) cashier C) cash payD) check in E) check out

Меніңтуғанкүнімжылдыңбіріншіайы. A) My birthday is the fourth month of the year B) My birthday is the second month of the year  C)My birthday is the first month of the yearD)My birthday is the third month of the year  E)My birthday is the last month of the year

I don’t mind . . . overtime during the week.A)working B) doing C) locking  D) being  E) having

Degree of adjectives.He doesn’t play golf now …….. he used to.A)much more B)as many as C)as much as    D)so much as

Conditional form. Come and see us next week if you have time.A) first conditional

Choose an appropriateParticipialConstruction sentence.

I noticed that the door was open, I decided to go in.

  1. A) I noticed the open door. I and decided to go in.
  2. B) I noticed that the dooropen. I decided to go in.
  3. C) Noticing that the door was open I decided to go in.
  4. D) I noticed the open door so I and decided to go in.
  5. E) I noticed the open door and I and decided to go in.

Compile the correct word order to make an affirmative sentence. 123456

/ my tell  Jim  completely  story  for/A) 342615

Conditional form. If Tom hadn’t gone to university he wouldn’t have met Sarah.

third conditional

…. of her students.A) Lots

Give the opposite of the word A) cause

Jim completely …. for my story. A) tell

Choose verbs after which Gerund is followed by.

  1. A) demand B) hurry C) enjoy D) denyE) insistF)detestG) manage

It is …… all staff that they should be at work. A) required of

Conditional form. We would stay at home, if it was snowing. A) second conditional

We ….. taken Taxi, when it rained.  A)able to have  B)can have   C)will have   D)might have

  1. E) should have

Absolute Participle. A) The fuel exhausted the engine stopped.

Experts predict that in the future electricity …. to power most cars. A) will be used

In general I like … dogs. ….. dogs A) _ / the

Reported speech. I’m planning          A) told me that he was planning

Find participialnonstruction.

  1. A) Waving their scarves and shouting the funs run into

B)The funs waved their scarves and shouted on the pitch.

C)The funs waving their scarves and shouting

D)Waving their scarves and shouting the funs running into the pitch.

Compile the correct word order to make an affirmative sentence 1234567  /you /

  1. A) 6572134

They are said …. to a new flat. A) to moving   B)move   C) to moved   D) to have moved

Reported Speech. A) My friend asked me why I had dumped my girlfriend.

She was on stage ….. performance. A) the whole

It’s not a fair to make a cat….. A) wait

The head teacher requested that all staff ….. at the meeting. A) be present

You are right …. A) may be

He rushed out of the room. He was shouting at the top of his  

       voice.   A) Shouting at the top of his voice he rushed out of the room.

Conditional form. If I fail my exams, I’ll take them again next year. A) first conditional

I get up …. night. A) at   B) in   C) on   D)

The best thing about weekends …. work. A) not to go

He’s the actor … daughter A) whose

You ought to be ashamed of …. A) yourself  B)himself  C)themselves   D)myself

We visited the village … my mum lived.    A) where

We can’t get on the train yet. It is …. A) being cleaned

We carried on ….. until we finished. A) working

The first bicycles …… A) were introduced

PTO – please turn over

FBI – Federation Bureau of investigation.

Choose odd word: A) leadership  B) kinship

Choose odd word: A) manhoodB) childhood

Smoking is permitted ….. A) forbidden

Alice “met”  him at a party and made friends. A) observed  B) parted with   C)saw

Choose sentences with correct question tags.

  1. A) We’ve met before, haven’t we?
  2. B) You are going out with him, don’t you?
  3. C) They didn’t have enough evidence, did they?
  4. D) You won’t tell any lies, don’t you?
  5. E) You didn’t know he was a criminal, did you?
  6. F) The police have arrested someone, hasn’t he?

Choose sentences with correct question tags.

  1. A) You are going out with him, don’t you?
  2. B) You know that man, don’t you?
  3. C) They didn’t have enough evidence, did they?
  4. D) Mike hasn’t been to Rome before, has he?
  5. E) We’ve met before, haven’t we?

F)You didn’t know he was a criminal, did you?

An appropriate order for adjectives. There was a …… rug on the floor. A) wonderful, soft, wooden

It was the …. day in London. A) hottest

We …. take the strikes will ….. some changes in management. A) being about

Interesting book very…. A) readable

It was necessary … him …. return in time. A) for / to

We are going to barbecue with … A) the

Find the odd word. A) metros

I can’t do that job as well, I’ve get enough on my …… as it is. A) plate

We ….. to receive the machine part too. A) expected

I ….. Ann that we were free on Thursday evening. A) checked with

It is very important …. Children ….. play outdoors. A) for / to

You …. treat me ….. this if you really liked me. A) wouldn’t / like

Nothing, done, money A) cost / sold

I regret being unable to help you. A) Gerund

He apologized ….. policeman ….. driving. A) to / for

Did she …. what happened. A) tell

We can use in Reported Speech in verbs. A) warn / ask / say / wonder / want to know

  1. B) help C) like

Determine the function of the infinitive in the sentence.  To put it mildly, it was not very


  1. A) as a subject B) an adverbial modifier of resultC) as parenthesis D) as an attribute
  2. E) an adverbial modifier of purpose

Complete the sentence with the words: not / beautiful / house.  It’s …… I’d imagined.

  1. A) not as beautiful house as B) not such beautiful house as

Choose the correct sentences saying the date. A) Her birthday in on December the ninth

  1. B) Her birthday is on the ninth of December

Unreasonable decision. A) a / an

Choose the wrong sentence from the list below.

  1. A) Who are you inviting to the meal?
  2. B) Who are coming with you in the car? – John, Alex, Amy.
  3. C) Who do you want to be when you grow up? – An astronaut
  4. D) What do left in the fridge?
  5. E) Which of the children are in the chair?

Choose the correct sentence following the rules of Sequence of Tenses.

  1. A) He phoned me to invite me to the party
  2. B) He was asked to write a new play
  3. C) I knew that she had been ill
  4. D) The speaker said that the people want parade
  5. E) At ten o’clock he telephoned again, saying that he had changed his mind.
  6. F) It was also returned that Dan had got married
  7. G) He said that he left Moscow 5 years ago
  8. H) I was sure him to change his mind

I ….. Ann that we were free on Thursday evening. A)expected B)checked with   C)assumed   D)said   E)offered

Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition.

 You mustn’t look directly …. the sum.    A) at

Determine the function of the infinitive in the sentence. To understand the rule better

I read it several times.  A) as a subject    B) an adverbial modifier of result   C) as parenthesis

  1. D) as an attribute E) an adverbial modifier of purpose

Are you talking now about … John Smith who led … Labour Party?

A)_ /the   B)_ / a   C)the/the   D) a / a



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