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1001 proverbs

The theme: “1001 proverbs”

The aim: to develop pupil’s intellect , to practice hearing , speaking and memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt.

The method: a game

The plan of the game

T: Good afternoon , dear guests , teachers and pupils! Today we are going to play a game “1001 proverbs”. You are welcome to our game!

And now let me congratulate you with the holiday of all languages . Our mother tongue is the Kazakh language . But it is necessary and useful to learn a foreign languages, that’s why pupils have got such subject as a foreign language at school. English is used not only inEngland, but also in the other parts of the world. We learn English, because it is the language of science, politics and computers.

Our game is about proverbs. All we know that every nation has its proverbs. But their meanings are similar. I think you’ll understand it later, in the process of our game.

Now let me introduce you the jury for our game :

Now let me introduce our teams of our game:

  1. The team of 10 th formers
  2. The team of 11 th formers

(The players introduce themselves)

T: Our game consists of 5 rounds:

  1. Complete the proverbs
  2. Say it in English and Kazakh
  3. Choose the correct proverb for each picture
  4. Choose the appropriate proverb to the story
  5. Polyglot ( guess riddles and give answers in English, Russian and Kazakh.

The procedure of the game:

I. Complete the proverbs :

Team 10

  1. All is well______ ( that ends well)
  2. So many men ___ ( so many minds)
  3. Business ________( before pleasure)
  4. To kill two birds __(with one stone)

Team 11

  1. A man can die _____(but once)
  2. While there is life __(there is hope)
  3. All is gold ________(that glitters)
  4. No pains _________(no gains)

II. Say it in English and Kazakh :

Team 10

  1. Ауру қалсада әдет қалмайды.
  2. Айтылған сөз атылған оқпен тең
  3. To make mountain out of a mote hill
  4. Out of sight, out of mind

Team 11

  1. Өз үйім кең сарайдай боз үйім
  2. Жаманат жерде жатпайды
  3. Second thoughts are best
  4. There is no smoke without fire

III. Choose the correct proverb for each picture

Team 10

  1. Appetite comes with eating
  2. Every dog has its day
  3. Time is money

Team 11

  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  2. A tree is known by its fruit
  3. Cut your coat according your cloth

IV . Choose the appropriate proverb to the story

A clever answer

A boy once went into a shop to buy oranges. He said to the shop man: “Please, give me oranges for five pence”.

When the shop man gave him the oranges, the boy counted them and then said: “My mother bought some oranges here last week and she also paid you five pence but she got more than I have . Why did you give me so few?”

“Don’t ask questions” said the shop man in any angry voice. “I am a busy man and I have little time to waste”

“ I am sorry, sir, but …..”

“ It is quite all right, my boy” said the shop man.

“ Don’t you understand ? The fewer oranges you get, the less you will have to carry”

“ Very well”, said the boy and he put four pennies on the counter. Then he turned to go.

“ Come back!” cried the shop man . “This is not enough money”.

“ That is quite all right” said the boy. “Don’t you understand?” The fewer pennies you get the less you will have to count.

  1. All is well that ends well
  2. As you make your bed, so you must lie on it
  3. To kill two birds with one stone

V. Polyglot. Guess riddles.

Team 10

  1. It can fly. It has long wings. It is the American national symbol. We can see it in the flag ofKazakhstan.
  2. What can run but never walks,

Has a mouth but never talks ,

Has a bed but never sleeps,

Has a head but never weeps.

Team 11

  1. It is very long. It doesn’t have any legs. It eats small animals. It can be very dangerous.
  2. I go at night and all the day and get I never go away.

VI. Conclusion

T: Dear guests our game is over. Thank you for your attention.

_____ is the winner of our game .

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