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Earth explorer

 ГУЛЖАНЕрғалиева Гүлжан Тахирқызы

№ 173 Ә. Молдағұлова атындағы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

5 Form                                                                                             





The aim:










Org. moment:








Checking up h/w:


The main part:






























Earth explorer

The improvement of pupils’ knowledge on the theme “imperatives”.

1) Help pupils to understand the new vocabulary.

2) Teach pupils to respect other people.

3) Develop reading and speaking skills.


Be nice, lots of, may, message, nice, ok, please, plane, project, secret, so, some.



The procedure of the lesson:

T: Hello, children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What is the date today? Who is absent today?

T: What is your name?             S1: My name is _______.

T: What day is it today?           S2: It is ….

T: What season is it now?        S3: It is … now.

T: When is your birthday?       S4: It is on … .

T: What time do you get up?     S5: I get up at  …


New words (to ask new words).

Give me your copybooks!


Today we will talk about your houses and practice in using “there is, there are”.

Ex. 1 p. 25 Listen, repeat and read the new words. Open your vocabularies and write down the new words. Repeat after me in chorus!


Ex. 2 p. 25 Answer the questions

1. Who is Mandy?

2. Is picture 1 Kit’s bathroom?

3. Is the castle small?

4. Who is under the helmet?

5. Is there a ghost in the castle?


Ex. 3 p. 25Help Fiz with his report.

Find the sentences.


Ex. 5 p. 25 Match the words with the pictures.

Hurry up.

Don’t talk.

Be nice.

Don’t sit down.

Stay here.

Don’t touch.



To learn the new words; Ex: 4 p.25.

What was the theme of our lesson? Yes, that’s right.

Let’s remember the new words.

The marks for the lesson are …         The lesson is over! Good-bye!


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